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EDMC RADIO: Twistyknobs // Lifted Contingency, HNDMD [Boston, MA]

April 7th, 2014


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Twistyknobs is a producer whose style reflects the sounds of the Southern California hip hop scene, with an emphasis on tasteful minimalism and sharp sound design. He lives on Soundcloud and has developed a refined ear for where the future of electronic music lies. Twisty reps HNDMD, TeamSupreme, Top Cats, Zone Def, and Lifted Contingency.




My performances are always variable.  I try to explore new things every time I hit the stage. Sets often include custom mpc style drum racks for sampling as well as some prepared midi instruments. I model my effects after that of an SP-404 to get my inherently glitchy sound. I am obsessed with the clashing of old sensibilities with new technology.

I am driven by my community.  Community is important.  Taking part in a collective will challenge you to improve every single day, and that’s crucial. I would be nothing without the people who critique me, support me, and drive me to be better than I was yesterday.



This mix is an almost perfect reflection of what I’m listening to currently.  There are so many hard working groups of producers, writers, and performers on their come up. I like to think of them as my inspiration. I believe the crews below are working tirelessly to develop their artists and strengthen their communities. I look forward to collaborating with them all as I continue to grow as an artist: Soulection, Team Supreme, Huh What & Where, Ago, Unspeakable Records, Rootnote, Activia Benz, Top-Cats, Jass, HNDMD, M|O|D, Wizards Only, Lucky Me, Hot Mom USA, Astro Nautico, Keats, Italdred, Zone-Def, Paxico.



I went for a mix that I feel is representative of my own experiences. Some of these tunes were introductions to the artists themselves (ex. Slugabed, Ta-ku). Esta’s ‘Peache$’ was created right here in Boston before we had him at our night at the Middlesex Lounge.  Go yama, a good friend, has been integral in solidifying our community with an underground night that has hosted many artists including Tek.lun, Mike Gao and myself. I first discovered Djemba Djemba shortly before the Jass 1-Year Anniversary show at the legendary Phoenix Landing in Cambridge.  A short few months after, I caught back up with his work honoring the memory of Austin Peralta on TS33. This was my discovery of Team Supreme.  This volume also introduced me to the works of several other beat makers who still inspire me to this day.  Preston James and Mike Parvizi who might be better known today as Penthouse Penthouse were both individually on that cypher. Kate ‘Dot’ Ellwanger, founder of the fantastic all female label Unspeakable Records  made an appearance on TS33 as well. Although not on Vol 33., Team Supreme was key in my discovery of Great Dane and King Henry.

A big part of this mix for me was focused on discovery. Not only my discovery of certain artists, but the hopes that others would discover and enjoy them too.

I hope to collaborate with all of these talented individuals in the future. Right now I’m setting my sights on LA this upcoming fall to create new experiences.


/////////// TRACKLIST

Dot – Super Moon
Go yama – Dance Like a Man
Treee City – Jungle
King Henry & Great Dane – Tamale
Sango – Me dê Amor
Mr. Carmack – Smells Like
Flamingosis – Nardis (reprise)
Dibia$e (feat. Devonwho) – Flawless Victory
Twistyknobs – A Song for my Boo
Slugabed – Sun too bright turn it off
Penthouse Penthouse – Miami
Esta – Peache$
Arnold – WRLD
Austin Peralta – Ode to Love ( Djemba Djemba Tribute Remix)
Obey City – That Molly
Ta-ku – Dusty #27
Victory Garden – Moonglow
Stwo – Liz (Arnold x Lil Texas Remix)
Tek.Lun – Roast feat. Goldlink
Jelacee – Wing Chun
Mike Gao – Udon Quixote
Alfred English – Halle Berry
Twistyknobs – Abject

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