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EDMC RADIO: The Orator // Mushpost [NYC]

June 1st, 2014


EDMC RADIO w- The Orator

Nicholas Concklin, or The Orator, co-founded the DJ collective-cum-event production company Mushpost in 2009 in Burlington, Vermont. Producing over 80 events by 2013, Mushpost quickly transformed into a creative management outfit and moved to New York City and Los Angeles. Nick manages a few artists, works for a few record labels, is the Senior Editor for HighOnBeats.com and is an avid beard-stroking enthusiast. Oh and he has a beard. A big mahogany-colored beard. Sometimes he comes off as condescending but rest assured, he means well.




DJing is a filter – it is a medium for satisfying the fundamental human impulse to share that which we find beautiful. I started DJing in 2008 (on the radio, as all DJs should, in my opinion) as merely the next step in my compulsive sharing of music with others. But it is also a therapeutic and meditative activity for me – a means for me to process, absorb and understand the exponentially growing torrent of amazing new music (of all shapes, sizes, and colors) and then creatively present my findings for other like-minded lovers.



The internet is pushing us deeper into a sort of post-genre environment where aesthetic trends develop across multiple genres simultaneously. If I had to pick one, I’d say my favorite emerging aesthetic right now is Neon: the bright, bouncy sound that has been steadily consuming the bombastic space between trap and club (and sometimes grime and juke as well), owing much (if not all) of it’s pop sensibilities to JPOP and KPOP. Champions of Neon include Wave Racer, Alizzz, 813, Seiho, Slugabed, Sinjin Hawke, Murlo, Bobby Tank, Gillepsy, Lockah and oh so many more.

Connected but notably separate, grime is finally getting overdue proliferation, inspiring a new wave of club music that is cold, gritty and, at times, alien.

The collective open-mindedness in consumers and producers towards outright sonic experimentation right now is incredibly inspiring in and of itself.

Labels like Night Slugs, Fade To Mind, Coyote, Boxed LDN and Cascade Records are a few pushing grime and grime/club derivatives.



Every week for my radio program, I sift through all the week’s new promos/releases/free downloads (picking out about 150 on average out of 350ish) and then craft the show entirely on the fly, DJing all the songs featured for the first time then and there, in the moment, with no real idea of where the audience and I will go over the next 2 hours. And I absolutely love it.

For studio and guest mixes, I like to have some fun with it and try to craft a conceptual mix, building it around a theme or presenting an academic exhibition of a genre or aesthetic trend.

It’s an opportunity to dig deep into my digital crates and play with sensibilities of the intended audience (rather than just playing a random collection of new tunes, as I essentially do on my show). While I try to keep both the casual and critical listener in mind, this one is for the latter. For this mix in [particular], I wanted to really get dirty and explore familiar pop and mainstream aesthetics by intertwining – and thus contrasting – them with the two divergent trends in modern club music: first the rattling, cold futurism present in grime et al. and then the comforting, warm nostalgia of “deep house” & RnBass (RnB fused with bass music & house), glued together with dynamic Jersey club (and a healthy helping of exclusives).

I’m not sure what the results are exactly, but that’s not really my role. Pop’s pervasive nature means its relationship with all of us is unique. And it’s that unique, personal relationship that I targeted, that is what I sought to re-frame. It shouldn’t be easy. But it should be fun.


/////////// TRACKLIST

Hannah Diamond – Pink & Blue
Bok Bok – Melba’s Call (ft. Kelela)
Jimmy Edgar – Switch Switch
Wave Racer – Streamers
Principal Dean – Heavy Heavy (DMND//CVTTER Remix)
Cashmere Cat – Rice Rain (DJ Rell Remix)
Trippy Turtle x Booty Beaver – Getting Wood
Moony – Pluck Off
Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River (Inkke Bootleg)
Danny Brown – Dip (Preditah Remix)
Captain Murphy x TNGHT – Shake Weight
Mele – The Boogaloo
LV & Josh Idehan – Imminent
YNGN – Below Ground (Send For Legion) War Dub
Legion – Below Zero
Skepta – That’s Not Me
Kimi – Boxer
Future Brown – Wanna Party (ft. Think)
Anna Love – Skip A Beat (Tom Richman Remix)
Hardive – Deep Inside (Mike Gip Remix)
Jaga Jazzist – I Could Have Killed Him In The Sauna (DJ Paypal Club Edit)
Legion – DRIVE U HA
Principal Dean – POP
Taylor McFerrin – Decisions (ft. Emily King)
Ludacris – Party Girls (feat. Wiz Khalifa, Jeremih & Cashmere Cat)
The Weeknd – Coming Down
Sasquatch – 25th
TYR – Wally World
Disclosure – Latch (Stwo & Phazz Edition)
Monk – Chill
Drake – The Language (Rook Milo Remix)
AlunaGeorge – Kaleidoscope Love (Kaytranada Edition)
Yung Lean – Gatorade (Lido Remix)

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