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EDMC RADIO: Terraphorm // Fractaltribe [Worcester, MA]

November 19th, 2014


EDMC RADIO - Terraphorm

A sonic sorcerer, Terraphorm‘s against-the-grain style weaves swamp psychedelia and urban vibes, binding them together with explosive energy, resulting in an utterly mesmerizing musical landscape. Live accounts of “Terraphormation” include uncontrollable dancing, complete entrancement, and a dance-floor experience that can only be described as transformational. In addition to his DJ sets, Terraphorm can be found working behind the scenes at various underground events across New England, most notably the all-night Fractaltribe gatherings, while doubling as a permaculturist by day.




I see my main focus as building a sonic experience, to piece together tracks in a way that they build a musical journey for whoever is listening. In my case it starts with proper selection. When I mix the opening track is the biggest decisions I make. It sets the direction of the mix, both for the listener and for myself. It’s meant to spur the listener out of whatever they are doing and to set the mood to come.

A good mix is like your favorite movie, book, or show. It has a beginning, middle, and end; movement, tension, and release. I work hard to get all of that in my mixes, and to do it with intention, subtlety, and style.

There’s a tendency in our society to idealize everything, to keep you going on pre-established paths of whatever is perceived as normal or acceptable. I feel like one thing that is brought along with this kind of idealization is a sort of ‘bubble-gum’ worldview, where everything is great, awesome, and cheery as hell, and if it isn’t people tend to repress or ignore it. This kind of worldview manifests itself in a lot of music that gets put out there, so much so that at least to me it starts to become corny.

I think that’s why I tend to focus on deep, dark, and contemplative music in my mixes. It’s a relieving break from the mundane-ness that you hear in a lot of music. That’s not to say that the music I spin can’t be fun and danceable. I like to contrast the deep, spacey stuff with some higher-energy, bouncier tribal dubstep, but it still keeps that deep dark style.

Being behind the decks allows me to communicate another take on the world, and to show people a special style of bass music that I really vibe out to; one that they might otherwise miss out on if they’re not looking for it.



I’m a huge bass music head, and though I primarily spin dubstep I’m into a variety of styles of music. As far as dubstep/140ish stuff goes, I’d have to point out Deafblind – he’s a huge up-and-comer in the Deep Dubstep world and he’s been killing it with the glitch-y tribal style. D-Operation Drop is also up there as far as the Tribal stuff goes. Synkro has been putting out great music for a while now, but his work is a must for anyone who’s into the more chilled out deeper 140 style. There are also a few notable Drum n’ Bass producers I’d like to put the word out on. Larrge has some absolutely bonkers minimal glitch-y DnB. Lenzman and Cybernetika are also up there as far as DnB goes. I’ve been listening to alot Jon Hopkins too. I really like his take on techno and his track “Open Eye Signal” is fire. When I’m not listening to electronic music I’ll usually throw on Electric Wizard, Lettuce, or Rising Appalachia. I love me some String Cheese Incident as well.


I wanted to showcase a variety of the different sounds I’m hearing in the deep dubstep world these days. There seems to be this idea floating around dubstep is sort of monolithic and boring and I wanted to kick that to the curb! There’s definitely a lot of big bass in there (so remember to turn your subs on and crank em up!) There’s some of the mellow relaxed stuff that people can vibe to, as well as the high energy tribal bouncy dubstep as well.


/////////// TRACKLIST

1) Nick Modern and Heavy Elements – Pilgrim
2) Jafu – Lone Kimono
3) DJ Madd – Homeland
4) Goth Trad – Walking Together
5) Synkro – Get Down
6) Sqz Me – Revolt
7) Chris Innasound – Reach Out (Original Mix)
8) Cris Fern – Chant (Final Mix)
9) Barbarix – Shiva Step
10) Content – Rat Soup (Konvex Remix)
11) Subtle Mind – Gravitate
12) Sleeper – Axons
13) Core – The King (Gantz Remix)
14) Sleeper – Cocoon
15) Author – On the Boil (Feat. Quantum Soul) (Original Mix)
16) Sleeper – Kekuatan
17) Compa – Xiaar (Original Mix)
18) Compa – Outer Lines (Original Mix)
19) J.K.L – Eastern Movement
20) Machina – Iron Blooded
21) Mesck – Conquista (Original Mix)
22) Konvex – Antimatter (Original Mix)
23) Detective Orange – Roots (Original Mix)

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