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EDMC RADIO: Siouxside [Boston, MA]

March 9th, 2014


EDMC RADIO w- Siouxside-ALT

Korben, aka Siouxside, is a Northeast based Drum & Bass producer, DJ and photographer hailing from Boston, MA. Raised on thrash, 80’s metal, reggae, old OG jungle, and heavily influenced by his father’s music, Korben began attending Metallica and Aerosmith concerts at a young age, picking up the guitar at the age of 9 and drums at 15. As years passed, Korben saw his love for drum and bass cemented through the Powerpuff Girls’ theme song, eventually evolving into a life-long passion and lifestyle. Nowadays, Korben finds himself attending and shooting Elements at Phoenix Landing regularly, and considers the legendary weekly drum and bass night his second home.




I grew up a metalhead, so I’ve always been attracted to the harder hitting drum and bass, but with that said, I have a definite love for those footwork grooves. Sure, loud and aggressive can get a crowd moving, but the power behind that dark bass sound is special. I’ve been to nearly a thousand DnB shows over the years, but stylistically, I’d say the most powerful for me always turns out to be that Dub Phizix or dBridge sound.

When it comes to what I play however, my mood definitely changes everything. Be it liquid, neurofunk, jump up, jungle, or whatever – I draw power from the music. Drum and bass has this energy that I have never found in any other music out there. It’s just so intense. Boh!



I truly believe in a set that starts out soft and ends up hard. That’s the way a night should be. I tried to incorporate all of the sounds that have been driving me lately, but with a fresh edge to it. My personal play style is to tell a story as fluidly as possible. I like to feed a crowd with new tunes, but also familiar tracks mixed up in a way that’s fresh and interesting. There’s nothing like seeing people smile about they way you make them dance. It fuels you.


/////////// TRACKLIST

Machinedrum – Gunshotta
Om Unit – Governers Bay
Ital Tek – The Flood
Mosaiq – Olmeca
Halogenix – Maniac
Om Unit – Vibrations (Machinedrum Remix)
Om Unit – Corridor 2013
Machinedrum – Eyes Don’t Lie
Homemade Weapons – Saibot
Dub Phizix & Skeptical – Rags
Foreign Concept & DRS – Falling Stars
Emperor – Soundboy
Stray – Dropping Bombs
Rockwell – 808
Prolix – Kick Off Ft. MC Coppa
Caspa – Reach For The Sky Ft. Diane Charlemagne (Break Remix)
Dub Phizix – Never Been Ft. Fox
Carvar & Clock – Miskatonik
Optiv & BTK – Understand
–> Misanthrop – Deadlock
–> Dub Phizix & Skittles – I’m A Creator
–> dBridge & Skeptical – Move Way
Dub Phizix – The Clock Ticks
–> Siouxside – The Future
–> Six Blade & Dexcell – Glitch Control
Siouxside – It’s War They Want
Paramore – Misery Business (Siouxside Remix)
Neonlight – Sprech Funk (Rock & Roll Edit)
–> Mayel – Salamandra
Philth – Destiny
Heamy – Conundrum
Teddy Killerz – New Drums (Neonlight Remix)
Optiv & CZA – Don’t Look Now
–> Mefjus – Signalz
Maztek & Grotesque – Straight To Bad
Rudimental – Not Giving In Ft. John Newman & Alex Clare (Ed Rush Remix)
–> Original Sin & Taxman – Casino VIP
–> Andy Pain & Z Connection – Take Me Away
Konflict – Messiah (Siouxside Bootleg)
Siouxside – I Am Become Death


Featured artwork by Oskar

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