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EDMC RADIO: Mike Skillz // Morlock Musik [Boston, MA]

April 15th, 2014


EDMC RADIO w Mike Skillz

Hailing from the Northeast, Mike Skillz is a tsunami in the New England Dubstep movement. Mike’s been spinning for 15 years and pushing his own unique style for decades, integrating his progressive controllerism and old school vinyl roots. His abilities as a selector and DJ, as well as his mastery of multiple genres, have propelled him into events across the US.
Mike is one half of Binary Beatdown and proud member of Audio Infantry, as well as DJ Venom’s label Morlock Musik. He can be found spinning LIVE on Fokus.FM every single week.




My approach to this thing we call DJing consists mainly of my own mental image of what needs to be done to get that dance floor moving. I go in with an open mind and never have any idea of what I’ll be playing until after that opening song. Yea, sure – I get booked for certain genres at times, but I still lean towards the harder, darker side of things, as I always have.

Additionally, bringing something fresh and exciting to the table while DJing is very important to me. Rather than just blending one song to another, in my opinion, a good DJ brings something new or interesting to the game.

For example, running 3 or 4 decks, live remixing, actively equalizing, running loops, long effective mixing, EFX, etc [are things a good DJ could bring to the game]. I’ve always strived to be the best DJ I can possibly be at every single gig I play – I need to get the people moving, you know? As far as what drives me, like I said before, performing to the best of my ability and being able express myself and share awesome music through the decks are what motivate me to be better each and every time I step up into the booth. There is no better feeling in the world than seeing people move to your music.



For the past seven or eight years, I’ve been heavily into broken beats, aka dubstep, drum and bass/jungle, and anything in between. With that said however, dubstep has been my forte, whether it be the traditional, melodic, deep styles or the filthier, harder, heavier stuff. I enjoy good production work. I tend to stay away from more mainstream, popular music, and find myself lurking the underground, bringing my own style to the table as far as music goes. I like to play what I would want to hear if I were out there listening from the other side. Lately, I’ve been digging a lot of the underground sounds coming out of the UK – those deep, dark, experimental, dungeon styled dubstep beats. The growly, heavy sub bass just has this way of moving me. Chestplate Records, Uprise Audio, Tempa and Pressed Records are just a few of the labels to keep an eye on. Always bringing the heat!



For this mix, I wanted to take you guys on a journey through dubstep. I start out with some deep, dark, experimental stuff and then slowly work my way into the heavier stuff. I feel like every DJ should do that & take you on a little trip with their sets: a little vacation from reality for an hour or two. Telling a story with your hands through the turntables and mixer is key to every mix! I hope you enjoy.


/////////// TRACKLIST

Surge, Hatcha – Entities (Original Mix)
Distance – Andromeda (Original Mix)
Biome, Fallen 45 – Searching (Original Mix)
A$AP Rocky – Fuckin’ Problem ft Drake, 2Chainz & Kendrick Lamar (Truth Remix)
The Others – Amazonia VIP (Original Mix)
Quantum Soul – Clear As Dub (Ruckspin & Medison Remix)
Distance – Broken Dawn (Original Mix)
Biome – The Scent
District, Sleeper – War (Original Mix)
Beezy, DCult – Spoils Of War (Original Mix)
Distance, Stepa – Set You Free feat. Stepa (Original Mix)
Subscape – Screw Up (Matty G Remix)
Screama, Enigma Dubz – Bars Out (Original Mix)
Mala – Changes (Distance Remix)
Moody Good – Fall In Love [Moody Good Remix]
Kromestar – Noiz (Original Mix)
Excision, Datsik – Swagga VIP (Original Mix)
Dastik – Scum (Original Mix)
Mantis – Block Rocka (Original Mix)
Killa P, Cotti – Dub Warrior (Original Mix)
Dark Elixir, Crowell – Watch Me (Dark Elixir Remix)
Midnight Tyrannosaurus – Basement Bitches (VIP)
Subzee D – Donkey Punch (Original Mix)
KLRGRM – The Scary Door (Original Mix)
Jakes- Strategy (7 Grammes) (Original Mix)
BAR9 – NEXUS-6 (Original Mix)
Hatcha, Funtcase – Fire Puja (Original Mix)
Moth – Ritual (Original Mix)
Woogie – Punctured (Original Mix)
Filth Collins – FatBoy Riddem VIP (Original Mix)
Prostecutioner – Abalam (Original Mix)
Wonkap – Communism (Original Mix)
Nato Feelz- Waking The Machine (Original Mix)
Broken Note – Black Mirror (Original Mix)
Moth – 666 (Original Mix)



Featured artwork by DacManiac

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