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EDMC RADIO: eelko // LostinSound, Fractaltribe [NH]

September 2nd, 2014



eelko is the amalgamation of musical explorations and obsessions gathered throughout Christopher Carchedi’s life. Choosing to live on the darker yet emotive side of music, eelko’s ghastly expressions have caught international attention. Most notably, he collaborated on the song “One Big Loop” with Australian glitch producer, Mr. Bill, and UK sound design master, Mus Sck, which was released as part of Bill’s “The Collaborative Endeavours: A Glitch Opera” (Voted UK Glitch Hop Best Album of 2013 [UK & International]).

 His growing catalogue of originally produced songs, remixes, and DJ sets have earned a number of features with outlets and artists including Skytree and, as well as performances with internationally acclaimed acts such as Mr. Bill, Amon Tobin, J:Kenzo, KiloWatts, Thriftworks, and Govinda.




Well, I am a producer but I am not one who is against being called a DJ, or being asked about that side of things. I embrace that and it’s important to know my roles. I enjoy playing sets of other peoples music. It’s great because I can play what is inspiring me and not really have that full emotional connection to each and every song that I play. I can play the whole song or just bits of it and have more room for experimentation. It’s also a way for me to play music for people that they have either never heard before or maybe never will again. I don’t know, but that’s my job; bring that new-new to peoples ears, not just my own creations. I’m always digging for new stuff and I want people to know what drives and inspires me rather than only playing the finished product, being my songs.

My main goal for DJing is try to create a flowing journey rather than just a block of songs with peaks and valleys at the right time. Most of the artists I am inspired by these days are the DJ/Producer types who rarely play sets of all their music. I like that and have been following in their steps.

What drives me in both aspects is all the amazing music and artists that are out in the world making dope music that don’t get enough recognition. Seeing the artists I enjoy continue to make deep, dark music that isn’t mainstream keeps my hopes alive of being able to make it and not change how I do things. I think eventually people will want to feel the other side of music and not just the heavy ‘rage’ stuff all the time. Not everyone is in that mood 24/7.

Production wise, I’m an emotional writer. I make my best stuff when my emotions are getting to me hard and I’m sad or down about some life situation.

Growing up, music was always that thing that would comfort me when I wasn’t in a good mental place, so I relate most to the sadder emotive side of music rather than the upbeat happy stuff. I get happy listening to people convert raw emotions and sadness into a wonderful, dark soundscape.



It’s always changing but I think I’m starting to find what I enjoy and what resonates with me most. I get bored easily so that’s what I love about electronic music – I can be bored with one style and then listen to another until I get bored with that and so on, but the sounds are all intertwined with the same vibe and atmosphere.

My newest venture is DnB and jungle, but I have been primarily producing deep dubstep these days. This mix shows all the 125 – 130bpm techno-ish stuff I’m digging: Akkord, Caski, Alex Coulton, Kowton. On the DnB side I’m loving the vibes of Ruffhouse, Clarity, Overlook, Loxy, Sam Binga just to name a few that I am regularly playing in my DnB sets. For dubstep, I’ve been playing and listening to a lot of Gantz and LAS. They are experimenting a lot in the 140bpm Dubstep to help freshen things up. Some other artists are Mesck from LA, Commodo, Pheral, and too many more to name.

Outside of the electronic world I’d say Mumford and Sons are a huge inspiration oddly enough lol!



With this mix I wanted to do more of a minimal dance-floor type set that I’ve been experimenting with. I’ve done a couple similar sets out before but this mix is more honed in. It still has my flavor of not straight up 4/4 dance beats but is geared more towards a techno style. I don’t think I could ever play a purely 4/4 dance set.

I’m a beat head and love weird rhythms to keep people guessing what’s going to happen next – rather than knowing the kick drum is going to keep going!

I want people to come out and see me play live or see that a new mix is out and not necessarily know what it’s going to be in style or tempo, but know that it’s going to be a good selection of music. I’m pretty confident on my choices and think people notice that.


/////////// TRACKLIST

Throwing Snow – Pyre
George FitzGerald – Friends in High Places
Grenier – Gutta
Portable – Albatross (Kowton Remix)
Anthony Skakir – Travellers (MRSK Remix)
Pev and Kowton – Beneath Radar (Kowton Mix)
Tessela – Helter Skelter
Akkord – Folded Edge
Hackman and Tessela – Now I’ve Lost My Number 4
Caski – Dancehall
eelko – Unreleased dub
Edmondson – Authentic
Alex Coulton – Murda
eleven8 – Kaetun
Tom Dicicco – Mist of 1807
Paleman – Slither
Guy Andrews – Shades
Caski – Elephant Tribe (Troy Gunner Remix)
Guy Andrews – Hands In Mine

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