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EDMC RADIO: Digital Vagabond // LostinSound [Boston, MA]

December 18th, 2014



A recent transplant from Boston, MA to the mountains of Colorado, Patrick Boyle aka Digital Vagabond is a DJ/Producer, photographer, event-planner and Jewelry Fabricator; a connected individual and man of action who wears many hats within an exponentially growing electronic music and visionary art culture. His moniker is derived from his technological nomadic inclinations, embracing digital technology and cyberspace as symbiotic interfaces full of possibility– the potential for an unlimited network inseparable from nature.
His individually catered DJ sets have directly supported word class producers: The Widdler, Biome, Kalya Scintilla, Bird Of Prey, Whitebear, Opiuo, Phutureprimative, Kaminanda, Mr. Bill, Killowatts, Skytree, BlueBoy Productions, lespecial and many more.
Patrick is also a co-manager and resident DJ of the widely acclaimed online hub, the go-to site where you can find eloquent writings and resources for the leading music and events in the intelligent electronic music community.




I tend to look at it from a scientific perspective. Each dance floor is an experiment on sound, space and the human relationship to both. I’m passionate about providing positive experiences for myself and others. As an artist, curating the “vibe” of an environment either aesthetically or sonically can deeply impact people on a cellular level. Sound and specifically sound system music is unlike any other medium. We have the ability to make sonically perfect music at this point. The ability to sculpt and modify crystalline sounds in real time is in my opinion something everyone should be experimenting with. Sound so complex and intelligent that it expands the listeners or creator minds like a psychedelic. Connecting neural-pathways that were otherwise out of context and unrelated. With the quality of sound design and sound systems improving people are being educated by the masses and their audible/visual awareness is being modified. I.E. Amon Tobin ISAM.

Sound and specifically sound system music is unlike any other medium. We have the ability to make sonically perfect music at this point…sound so complex and intelligent that it expands the listeners or creator minds like a psychedelic.

Storytelling through music is as ancient as it gets. Traveling half the year and experiencing this beautiful planet has become a way of life for me. I love nothing more than telling a good story, in a new place, on a big sound system to an open minded and receptive dance floor.

The ‘oneness’ that occurs when trust is reciprocated through vibration and dance is one of the last forms of practical magic. That head nod and smirk of understanding, weightlessness.

There is so much amazing music out there that people want to hear. I aim to provide a platform for myself and hundreds of otherwise unknown artists through I’ve been working for three years in Ableton and I’m just now releasing some of my own productions that I’ll sneak into DJ sets from time to time. Nothing gives me chills like blending music you created with music created by artists you deeply respect.



Here are a few deep bass artists that never disappoint me: The Widdler, eelko, Dubamine, Clearlight, Aeolho, Dillard, Jafu, Geode, Congi, Biome, Truth the list goes on.

I keep my ears fairly attached to Soundcloud. My taste evolves every time I press the refresh button. I’ve definitely become a bit of a novelty addict in that way. I often find myself caught in the loop of only listening to music I would DJ. However lately in my studies of roots dub/reggae I’ve become obsessed with that old school analog warmth and fidelity. Nothing beats a good roots vinyl. Modern electronic music production owes it to those guys in a big way.



This mix is a bit different from previous mixes. Still based at 140 bpm however the first half is has a more progressive double time feel.

I envisioned hunting snow leopards in some sort of virtual reality and put together a playlist I would want to hear in that environment.

My main interest was creating an hour long story merging the primordial and primitive with the futurist and psychedelic.

Entitled “Age of the Fractilian” in honor of The Fractaltribe Collective and as promotion for their New Years Eve Gathering “Year of the Fractilian”. I’ll be performing a roots dub set early in the night in the warehouse and a dance floor set late night in the Gallery, my favorite room in the Northeast to play. This mix features newly or unreleased music from every corner of the planet. It gives me great joy to merge all this incredible music into context for the listeners and the producers who made the music. Please take the time to follow these artists and show them the love for their hard work. In an age of free music sharing is most definitely caring.

/////////// TRACKLIST

Apatic – Way to come back
Sordez – Jaguar
Arkwright – Enyalius (Illuminated remix)
207 – Active
Balkansky & LL3 – Evolution
Dyad – This is Earth
Darj – Pharmaecopia
Maes – Call to Jah
Ziplokk – Deserted Worlds
Thelem – Petrichor
Malazan – Voodoo
Aces R – Mr Sinister
Wulf, Chief Kaya – Apex
sMILOdon – Tryptamine
The Widdler – Baphomet
Yukona – JLMTY
sMILOdon – Icaro
Malazan – King of Beasts
DJ Madd – Follow Dub
??? – Jeahmon
The Widdler – Snake Island

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