Classic Roots, Modern Sound: The Bag Raiders North American Tour

February 28th, 2016


Bag Raiders

It seems like many electronic artists of today find their beginnings in classical/instrumental music and then transition to a more polished, computer-generated sound as technology progresses. Rather than ditch the strings and drumsticks for DJ controllers and synth pads, The Bag Raiders have chosen to incorporate their classical roots into their modern-day sound. The duo, comprised of Aussies Chris Stracey and Jack Glass, met back in high school orchestra practice and haven’t looked back since.


The Bag Raiders have been releasing original music and remixes for the past ten years. Their fun, upbeat style has granted them a massive following in Australia and Europe. Now it’s time for the guys to really win over North America with an upcoming two-month tour. The timing for a group like this is almost too perfect. Millennials grew up in a time before electronic music really rose to prominence in the mainstream. Pure vocals, a resonating drum set, and electric guitar are reminiscent and nostalgic, while the incorporation of electronic samples provides a modern twist.


Felix Bloxsom will be joining the Bag Raiders under his DJ moniker Plastic Plates. The drummer, songwriter, DJ, and producer has been known to work alongside some pretty big-name artists like Jennifer Lopez, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Christina Aguilera, and Kelly Clarkson. Check out one of his latest remixes of Sia’s song “Alive.”


Like the Bag Raiders, Plastic Plates also hails from Australia. He’ll be throwing down some fun dance/electronic music to start off the show, and then he’ll continue on playing drums for the Bag Raiders’s set.
Fans of RAC, Moby, and The Knocks will delight at the energy of the Bag Raider’s live electronic performance. Until then, check out the eccentric video for their 2015 single Waterfalls and listen to their latest EP titled “Friend Inside.” And if you’re feeling lucky, enter to win VIP tickets to the tour.


3/10 (THU): Johnny Brenda’s, Philly

3/11 (FRI): Great Scott, Allston

3/12 (SAT): Bowery Ballroom, NYC




Written by contributor Sylvia Parol. Find her on Twitter here.

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