[INTERVIEW] Giraffage Sheds Some Light On His Current Mood

In preparation for the upcoming Together Festival, held in Boston from May 15th to 22nd, we chatted briefly with Giraffage about his musical origins, what his creative process is like, and what his favorite thing about the music industry is. Read on to find out more.     MASS EDMC: Everyone gets into electronic music from different backgrounds; What got you into the[...] Read more >>

[INTERVIEW] Move Over Mafia, The Glitch Mob Has Risen To Take Over

As the name implies, electronic group The Glitch Mob has torn through the boundaries that have separated the worlds of DJ booth driven EDM and more traditional live instrument performance to amass one of the fastest growing fan bases in today’s music scene. Sourced out of Los Angeles, DJs edIT (Edward Ma), Boreta (Justin Boreta) and Ooah (Josh Mayer) have risen beyond the West Coast[...] Read more >>

[INTERVIEW] JackLNDN On How Producing “Everything” Helped Him Find His Sound

Heading off a whirlwind of festival gigs, his first EP, Summer Never Ends, and assisting in production for Lupe Fiasco’s latest album, JackLNDN is everywhere. And with good reason — the house producer and DJ blends a deeper sound into his music, merging various styles into traditional house as he introduces heavier bass lines, pop and hip hop vocals, and varying[...] Read more >>

New Monthly Night ‘Vault’ Brings Berlin Underground to Boston

On a typical Tuesday night in Boston, the last thing you’d expect is a packed club dancing to underground, innovative sounds. Yet, that’s exactly what happened in July at the opening of Vault Boston, a new monthly event that brings “dark, yet playful” sounds to the forefront of Boston’s nightlife scene at Cambridge’s Middlesex Lounge. As an homage to Berlin’s top[...] Read more >>

[INTERVIEW] Seven Lions Opens Up, Talks Inspiration And The “Deeper” Set

Jeff Montalvo, better known by his stage name Seven Lions, is one of the most down-to-earth acts I’ve ever met. How do I know this? I was lucky enough to sit down with him and pick his brain. I found out some interesting information about Jeff’s philosophy on music composition, as well as his personal musical influences and opinions of electronic music.  SEVEN LIONS 2015[...] Read more >>

[INTERVIEW] Kidnap Kid Talks Growing Up In “UK” Clubs and Modern Club Culture

As American club life evolves, so do the artists who keep it alive. One of the most exciting and talented rising stars from the United Kingdom who is slowly becoming an integral part of the evolving dance machine is Kidnap Kid, born Matt Relton. Currently signed to Black Butter Records alongside acts like Rudimental, Clean Bandit, and Gorgon City, Relton is playing a crucial part in[...] Read more >>

[INTERVIEW] Sander Kleinenberg Talks About ‘House 2.0’ And The Electronic Experience

The only way to become truly great at something is with practice. Not just weeks of it, or even a few grueling months of it. Hell, usually a year or two isn’t enough time to master an ability. Over the course of 20 years, however, one can reach that level of greatness. Sander Kleinenberg, dutch DJ and producer extraordinaire, has been at it since the late 80’s when electronic[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Devon James // RVDIOVCTIVE, Dubspot [NYC]

Devon James is a Boston-bred, Brooklyn-based DJ and Producer. While attending college at Syracuse University, he started Chemicals of Creation - a DJ/production duo with partner, John Kunz. Winning multiple DJ competitions & creating a following within their local scene, they became an in-demand act opening for every major artist that came through the Syrcause area, from Tiesto,[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Tanner Caldwell // Top Billin, DICKSQUAD [Philly]

In the eyes of Tanner Caldwell, there is only progression of life and sound. The momentum of music in the world grows exponentially each year with the rise and fall in popularity of various genres and aesthetics. Caldwell runs alongside, and oftentimes in front of the wave, but never forgets his roots. His style reflects a lifetime of music experience which he consistently applies[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: The Orator // Mushpost [NYC]

Nicholas Concklin, or The Orator, co-founded the DJ collective-cum-event production company Mushpost in 2009 in Burlington, Vermont. Producing over 80 events by 2013, Mushpost quickly transformed into a creative management outfit and moved to New York City and Los Angeles. Nick manages a few artists, works for a few record labels, is the Senior Editor for and is an[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Robokid // Lifted Contingency [Boston, MA]

No stranger to the beat scene, 22 year old Massachusetts native Robokid aka Ethan Budnick has been producing future bass, R&B, soul and other niche genres since 2009. Picking up DJing in 2012 in order to share and play his tunes out for friends, Robokid has steadily developed both his production and gig portfolio, joining forward-thinking sound collectives such as Moving Castle,[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Bamboora // MASS EDMC [Boston, MA]

Bamboora is among those rare individuals who value music as much as life itself. Although born and raised in Turkey, Boston has quickly become home to the Turkish DJ. Blessed with a deeply ingrained knowledge of house music & all of its relatives, Bamboora holds versatility as his most prized possession when it comes to taking over the decks night in and out. His unique style[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Mike Skillz // Morlock Musik [Boston, MA]

Hailing from the Northeast, Mike Skillz is a tsunami in the New England Dubstep movement. Mike's been spinning for 15 years and pushing his own unique style for decades, integrating his progressive controllerism and old school vinyl roots. His abilities as a selector and DJ, as well as his mastery of multiple genres, have propelled him into events across the US. Mike is one half of[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Twistyknobs // Lifted Contingency, HNDMD [Boston, MA]

Twistyknobs is a producer whose style reflects the sounds of the Southern California hip hop scene, with an emphasis on tasteful minimalism and sharp sound design. He lives on Soundcloud and has developed a refined ear for where the future of electronic music lies. Twisty reps HNDMD, TeamSupreme, Top Cats, Zone Def, and Lifted Contingency.     /////////// WHAT’S YOUR[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Jeff LeClair // Volume Productions [Providence, RI]

Throughout the years, club .:Therapy has acted as one of the Northeast's most influential electronic dance music institutions, maintaining the music's presence in the region and acting as a cultural incubator: converting & giving a home to thousands who would heed the music's call. This week, we're excited to release an episode of EDMC Radio featuring one of the most recognizable[...] Read more >>

[INTERVIEW] Excision Talks Touring, Sci-fi and Dinosaurs

Canadian Jeff Abel, known to fans as Excision, has been incredibly busy since bursting onto the bass music scene in 2004. After starting a label, Destroid Records, Abel released his first track in 2007. His style pulls from a wide variety of genres, like dubstep, drum & bass and hop-hop, in such a way that it is instantly recognizable. In 2013, Abel joined forces with Downlink[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: DJ Butcher [Brisbane, Aus]

DJ Butcher is a Brisbane, Australia based electronic/hip-hop producer and DJ. He's been prolific in the Australian scene for many years now starting off by producing hip-hop at the ripe young age of 12. In 2012, Butcher won the Australian RedBull Thre3style Competition and went on to represent Australia at the World Finals in Chicago. Upon his return to Australia, Butcher released his[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: DJ Steppo // Volume Productions [Providence, RI]

With strong roots in New England starting off as a drum and bass DJ in 1999, DJ Steppo has rocked crowds from Boston to Miami, San Francisco and back. Steppo has a serious passion for music and it's consistently evident through his track selections and dedication to the craft.[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Siouxside [Boston, MA]

Korben, aka Siouxside, is a Northeast based Drum & Bass producer, DJ and photographer hailing from Boston, MA. Raised on thrash, 80's metal, reggae, old OG jungle, and heavily influenced by his father's music, Korben began attending Metallica and Aerosmith concerts at a young age, picking up the guitar at the age of 9 and drums at 15. As years passed, Korben saw his love for drum[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Kidd Drunkadelic // Lifted Contingency [Boston, MA]

Dustin Labbe, aka Kidd Drunkadelic, is a Boston-based DJ committed to providing the newest and freshest in underground music, ranging from tech house to grime to UK bass to Jersey club to hip-hop and beyond. As co-founder of the newly formed artist collective, Lifted Contingency, and active participant in the local community, Labbe strives to enhance the subterranean music scene in[...] Read more >>