A Letter To Deadmau5: Bobby Clifford

  Hey everyone - Adam here. Two years ago today, one of the most incredible people I have ever known passed away at the age of 25 – just a few months older than I am today. Peering into the not-too-distant past, I can say Bobby’s accident has likely been one of, if not the most, emotionally intense & defining moments of my life. There is no good way to accurately describe the[...] Read more >>

Techno Is King: The State Of The Underground In NYC

About five years ago, there was an outbreak of dancing in the music world. EDM flooded pop airwaves of top 40 radio stations and dubstep was the coolest genre since metal. Frat brothers and sorority sisters, who saw club nights as a chance to party, herded themselves into concert halls by the thousands and blasted dance music at house parties. With the vast commercialization of[...] Read more >>

Excision To Unveil New Stage Design, The Paradox, In 2016 Tour

Canadian dubstep icon Excision will once again be embarking on a lengthy North American tour early next year. Sound and video production are the centerpieces for every Excision performance, with each tour innovating on the previous year’s set pieces and visual effects. Having retired his Executioner setup featured in the past few years, he’ll be bringing out an entirely new[...] Read more >>

New Monthly Night ‘Vault’ Brings Berlin Underground to Boston

On a typical Tuesday night in Boston, the last thing you’d expect is a packed club dancing to underground, innovative sounds. Yet, that’s exactly what happened in July at the opening of Vault Boston, a new monthly event that brings “dark, yet playful” sounds to the forefront of Boston’s nightlife scene at Cambridge’s Middlesex Lounge. As an homage to Berlin’s top[...] Read more >>

Museum of Modern Electronic Music Opening in Germany in 2017

// With a rich history spanning more than half a century, electronic music has made its mark not just as an art form but as a movement. Electronic music is pervasive throughout the art world, including dance, visual art, and (of course), other genres of music. Innovations made in the field of electronic music have influenced popular music as we know it today, from the Moog[...] Read more >>

Legendary Boston After Hours Nightclub To Close Doors After 15 Years

As many New Englanders know, once bars and clubs shut their doors at 2am, there's not much to do in Boston - unless you go to Rise, the city's very own after hours club. Located only a few blocks from Boston Common, Rise has been letting anyone 18+ dance until dawn since opening the doors in 1998. With such a long history, it's no surprise that numerous giants have graced the decks;[...] Read more >>

Fractaltribe’s Flibbersqorkle To Turn .:Therapy Into Psychedelic Playground

If you have been attending electronic music events in the Northeast throughout the years, it is inevitable that you have heard chatter of Fractaltribe. The collective of motivated organizers are known for hosting high quality thought out events in the region, setting the standard for fully immersive, multi-sensory environments with every aspect carefully engineered for[...] Read more >>

A Boat Party for the Boston Underground

Boston-based Basement Movement, a promotion and event collective with ten DJ/Producers under their wing, partnered with local promoters Fresh Headz earlier this summer for a sold-out sunset cruise featuring Dirtybird Records' Ardalan (their biggest - and arguably most fun - event to date). Basement Movement's Boat Rave - OFFICIAL VIDEO- from Create Awesomeness on Vimeo. With[...] Read more >>

Skrillex AmA Covered New Releases, “Beef” with Deadmau5, and the Future of Dubstep

There’s very little Sonny Moore, known to most on Earth as Skrillex, isn’t conquering these days. Fresh off his international “Takeover 2014” tour - a 20+ tour in which the dubstep superstar chose to “takeover” 6 cities across the globe for week-long celebrations featuring back-to-back shows at multiple venues in each city - Moore recently jumped on popular online forum[...] Read more >>

New Investments Place Online Audio Platform SoundCloud at $700M

SoundCloud is prepared to shoot through the stratosphere and continue to redefine the way we discover, listen, and distribute music. The open audio platform just received a huge boost following a new stream of investments that now place the value of this Berlin-based Internet start-up at over $700 million.   Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, co-founders of SoundCloud   There[...] Read more >>

Madison House Presents Purchased by AEG Live

In a move following the recent trend of growth in the electronic industry, Madison House Presents, which has co-hosted Electric Forest alongside Insomniac since 2011, was bought out by AEG Live this January – and the new co-ownership is already facing big business woes. Both AEG Live and Madison House are now filing an injunction and a temporary restraining order against Progressive[...] Read more >>

Zebbler Brings Innovative Visuals to First Night Boston 2014

When planning the city’s annual “First Night” New Year’s celebration, now-former Boston mayor Tom Menino wanted to do something different. He reached out to visual effects artist Peter Berdovsky, known professionally as Zebbler, to create a unique visual presentation to celebrate the New Year and the city of Boston itself. Projected directly onto the side of the Boston[...] Read more >>

.:Therapy Nightclub in Providence Brings The Heat This Winter

After being bid a fond farewell in 2011, Providence’s Therapy Nightclub recently reopened with a weekend-long celebration at a new location in January 2014. The weekend featured performances by Aly & Fila and Alex Metric and Destructo. Anyone who had been to the former Therapy Nightclub will tell you it was a staple of New England nightlife, and its closing definitely[...] Read more >>

EDM Takes Over 56th Annual Grammy Awards, Making History

2013 was a huge year for EDM in the mainstream media: the year saw the creation of the first American EDM terrestrial radio station, Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” becoming a meme, and artists like Zedd and Avicii reaching the Billboard charts. Despite an increase in popularity, the electronic dance community saw very little airtime during the prime time Grammy Awards; instead,[...] Read more >>

Producer Max Cooper’s Innovative 4D Soundsystem

London-based techno producer Max Cooper has announced a project called the “4D Soundsystem,” a method of creating and performing music that allows sound to seemingly travel through space. Cooper, who was named one of Resident Advisor’s Top 20 Live Acts of 2012, is presenting the technology in its early stages as an exhibit or museum piece before it is fine-tuned for a[...] Read more >>

Boston’s Prime Nightclub – Winter Lineup

Boston electronic music fans are being spoiled this winter, as local nightclub, Prime, announced a slew of talent to grace the decks of the multi-floor venue this winter. Kicking off with a mid-week set from Kill the Noise, the following three-day weekend is capped off by none other than Dash Berlin, a small taste of the variety of sound that the venue will be hosting over the[...] Read more >>

YouTube Cracks Down on Fake View Counts

Over the past decade, it is unarguable that YouTube has offered a new medium to access videos and media for entertainment fans alike. The instant access to millions of videos has changed musical influence in the entertainment industry and has allowed fans to explore multitudes of acoustic diversity faster than ever. Its explosion has brought with it new ways to discover talent, share[...] Read more >>

Paint-based MIDI Controller Possibile With Bare Conductive’s Touch Board

New and exciting advancements in DJ equipment have bombarded the market recently; two such examples are MusicInk and the Makey Makey project who have both led the charge with innovative ideas. However, new competitor Touch Board has a distinct advantage and the latest idea in touch-sensitive electronics that will revolutionize how novice DJs start their careers. The concept,[...] Read more >>

SFX Entertainment Behind Recent Beatport Layoffs

Since its inception in 2003, Beatport has been a growing alternative to Apple’s iTunes and other online music markets. While other markets boast large selections and the most popular tracks in all genres, Beatport rose to popularity within the community by focusing specifically on electronic dance music, giving it an edge against other audio conglomerates. With a vast selection[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] Australian Graffiti Artists Transform Warehouse in ‘Limitless’

What happens when you give four graffiti artists a limitless supply of paint and space in a warehouse? Videographer Selina Miles teamed up with artist Sofles to do just that. A sequel to Miles and Sofles’ previous video ‘Infinite’, ‘Limitless’ is a hyperlapsed video of amazing graffiti art created at an abandoned warehouse in Brisbane, Australia. Street artists[...] Read more >>