A Letter To Deadmau5: Bobby Clifford

  Hey everyone - Adam here. Two years ago today, one of the most incredible people I have ever known passed away at the age of 25 – just a few months older than I am today. Peering into the not-too-distant past, I can say Bobby’s accident has likely been one of, if not the most, emotionally intense & defining moments of my life. There is no good way to accurately describe the[...] Read more >>

Electric Forest 2013: Review

  It took two buses, five states and thirty-one hours to reach Electric Forest. I wouldn't take back a second. The MASS EDMC crew arrived late on Thursday night, missing almost all of the first day of musical offerings. Our bus groaned to a halt just outside of security and 55 New Englanders trudged off our coach bus to unpack our supplies. As our coach bus wasn't joining us in[...] Read more >>

Movement Festival 2013: Review

When I told friends and family that I was headed to Detroit for Memorial Day weekend, the most common response was, “Don’t get shot!” followed by incredulous inquiries as to why, exactly, I wanted to travel there. The decline of the US auto industry in the 1970s and 1980s hit Michigan’s Motor City especially hard, causing a devastating economic collapse that has left[...] Read more >>

Techno Is King: The State Of The Underground In NYC

About five years ago, there was an outbreak of dancing in the music world. EDM flooded pop airwaves of top 40 radio stations and dubstep was the coolest genre since metal. Frat brothers and sorority sisters, who saw club nights as a chance to party, herded themselves into concert halls by the thousands and blasted dance music at house parties. With the vast commercialization of[...] Read more >>

A Boat Party for the Boston Underground

Boston-based Basement Movement, a promotion and event collective with ten DJ/Producers under their wing, partnered with local promoters Fresh Headz earlier this summer for a sold-out sunset cruise featuring Dirtybird Records' Ardalan (their biggest - and arguably most fun - event to date). Basement Movement's Boat Rave - OFFICIAL VIDEO- from Create Awesomeness on Vimeo. With[...] Read more >>

Buku Music & Arts Festival 2014: Review

Not long after returning from Basslights in January, I realized how far away festival season really was and I was soon craving another festival. As a result, I ended up deciding to attend Buku. Fast forward three months later, I was making the journey more than 1,400 miles and 20 hours away to Louisiana with high expectations. I made it to New Orleans on Thursday afternoon, passing[...] Read more >>

My Keys N Krates Experience at Electric Forest

Even at a festival where every moment feels magical, there is the opportunity for one experience to outshine them all. I will never forget the moments following Pretty Lights on the very last night of Electric Forest. Using Peter Penguin as a beacon, the gang of us gathered together and we began our march towards the Tripolee stage, where Keys N Krates were closing out the[...] Read more >>

Welcome to MASSEDMC.com

Dear community,   There is no better time than now. As we explained as we whisked by the 20,000 Facebook fan mark a few months ago, MASS EDMC is evolving. It's a very exciting time for electronic music and the evolution of this culture. Over the course of the past 5 years MASS EDMC has grown considerably, evolving our operations from small underground nights to city[...] Read more >>

Always Looking Forward

  One grey, cold day last year, Electric Shepherdess was born out of frustration with nightlife options and a desire to dance. Though I personally kept on top of almost all electronic events happening in Boston, I realized there was a gap that needed to be filled. The Northeast needed a comprehensive list of electronic music nightlife. Since then, EShep has grown immensely,[...] Read more >>

20,000 Facebook Fans & the Evolution of MASS EDMC

Dear Fans, MASS EDMC started nearly 5 years ago (March/April 2008) as a dorm-room operation at UMass Amherst with the purpose of bringing together those with a passion for electronic music. This was before the recent explosion of dance music in the states, before 'EDM' was a widely used catch-phrase in the mainstream & before there were multiple events every night of the[...] Read more >>

Camp Bisco 2013: Review & Photos

My first Bisco was Camp Bisco 9 in the summer of 2010. I was a terrified recent graduate attempting to escape the reality of the real world - my entire perspective, if not my entire life, was changed by the three days I spent at the Indian Lookout Country Club. For the first time, I felt free from societal constraints and I loved it. Ever since then, I have made a point to return each[...] Read more >>

Music Music Music!

So, it's been a while since I've done a post that involves music in any sort of way. It's not like I haven't been listening to music, I just haven't been posting about it, which isn't particularly fair. So, to make up for it, I'm going to do a couple of posts (starting with this one) that are basically a smorgasbord (best word for buffet ever) of videos or tracks with little[...] Read more >>

Monday Mix

I haven't posted any music in a while, so I figure I owe you all. I can't promise much description, but this is definitely a quality set of tunes to get you ready for whatever shenanigans you have planned for July 4th. Also, be on the lookout for the Camp Bisco preview posts that will be dominating the next 10 days. And if you don't already have a ticket, or want one, enter our ticket[...] Read more >>

The Tuesday….Summertime Booty Shaking!

I'll admit it - I'm a little bit in love with Dillon Francis. Ever since I saw him throw down dirty at the beginning of the summer, I have turned to him to provide me with that lighthearted, warm weather feeling. And since we're about to have some SERIOUSLY hot weather this week, I figure now is the best time for a mini Dillon Francis tribute. You can check out the playlist on 8tracks[...] Read more >>

If It Ain’t Got That Swing: Jive

Summer has meant not only the return of warm weather/sunshine/acceptable day-drinking, but also a shift in musical taste. As much as I love wobbling, deep bass, there is something so much more appropriate about listening to house, disco and electro-swing in 70-degree weather. And one of the most exciting things happening this year (so far) is the rise in popularity of electro-swing (aka[...] Read more >>


After spending a large chunk of my time (meaning most of 2010, all of 2011 and what has been 2012 thus far) creating and updating my own personal listing of (mostly) electronic events and in turn getting quite a lot of interest, it was clear that a gap existed in the greater New England area. Facebook can only do so much, and word of mouth gets us only so far. I know there are numerous[...] Read more >>