[WATCH] Bioluminescent Forest Uses Projection Mapping to Highlight Nature

As you walk through the forest — whether on your own hiking ventures, as a brief getaway, or during a festival — you’re essentially entering another world. As the light scatters through the leaves, casting shadows in hypnotic patterns, with no sound but birdcalls filling your ears, it’s not unrealistic to get lost in your surroundings. Far away from traffic jams, nonstop texts,[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] MASS EDMC’s CounterPoint 2014 Aftermovie Following a lengthy bus-adventure down south, we arrived at the Kingston Downs in Georgia. Combining the beautiful location with a diverse genre-defying musical lineup, worthy art & food vendors, as well as an unanticipated touch of Southern weather; CounterPoint Music Festival ended up entering the books as one of this summer's most[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] ‘For Those Who See’ Creates a Visual Format for Sound

‘For Those Who See’ is an art/design installation that takes sound and converts it into a visual medium. Created by German designer Daniel Schulze, the installation consists of a series of boxes, or chambers, that are filled with smoke. Speakers underneath the chambers emit sound waves that push the smoke upwards through an iris to puff out in vortex[...] Read more >>

[LISTEN] Disney Announces DConstructed Remix Album Ft Top DJs/Producers

It seems everyone’s hopping on the EDM train – with Mickey Mouse in the lead. Disney has announced a new compilation featuring electronic artists reworking beloved Disney songs. The nostalgic album takes Disney’s themes of friendship, love, and youth and infuses them into the club scene, combining elements of PLUR and Gen-Y excitement into a Disney mania-esque[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] ‘The Bonnaroo Experience’ Film Will Make You Long for Festival Season

Bonnaroo is one of America’s quintessential summer festivals. Its 650-acre Tennessee home at Great Stage Park has played host to some of the biggest acts in music history, and this year’s musical lineup is delightfully diverse, featuring Sir Elton John, Kanye West, a SuperJam with “Skrillex and Friends,” Janelle Monáe and Syrian musician Omar Souleyman, among many others. If[...] Read more >>

Local DJ Dwells wins DMC NYC Regional Championship   Little league, homework, and talking to girls is what most boys are concerned with at the age of 13. But DJ Dwells is not your average 13 years old. With just two years of DJ experience, the Connecticut native won the 2014 DMC in New York City. Still not impressed? This was his first DMC competition…ever. DJ Dwells began mixing[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] Out of the Boiler Room and Into the Toilet Room

The underground music scene has always prided itself on its inherent obscurity and exclusivity. From abandoned warehouses to boiler rooms, the “coolness factor” of a show seems to increase exponentially as the venue and guest list decrease in size and/or practicality. However, in 1993, when Severe Tire Damage became the first live-streamed music performance, a new dimension of[...] Read more >>

Zebbler Brings Innovative Visuals to First Night Boston 2014

When planning the city’s annual “First Night” New Year’s celebration, now-former Boston mayor Tom Menino wanted to do something different. He reached out to visual effects artist Peter Berdovsky, known professionally as Zebbler, to create a unique visual presentation to celebrate the New Year and the city of Boston itself. Projected directly onto the side of the Boston[...] Read more >>

Producer Max Cooper’s Innovative 4D Soundsystem

London-based techno producer Max Cooper has announced a project called the “4D Soundsystem,” a method of creating and performing music that allows sound to seemingly travel through space. Cooper, who was named one of Resident Advisor’s Top 20 Live Acts of 2012, is presenting the technology in its early stages as an exhibit or museum piece before it is fine-tuned for a[...] Read more >>

Paint-based MIDI Controller Possibile With Bare Conductive’s Touch Board

New and exciting advancements in DJ equipment have bombarded the market recently; two such examples are MusicInk and the Makey Makey project who have both led the charge with innovative ideas. However, new competitor Touch Board has a distinct advantage and the latest idea in touch-sensitive electronics that will revolutionize how novice DJs start their careers. The concept,[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] Go Behind the Helmets With Daft Punk

When Daft Punk dropped their landmark album Homework in 1997, the duo had a decidedly less sophisticated set of masks to conceal their identities during live sets. The latest installment of Switch on the Night, the nightlife documentary series by Mixmag and Olmeca Tequila, gives viewers an inside look at the evolution of the duo’s now famous robot helmets. Entitled Behind the[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] Australian Graffiti Artists Transform Warehouse in ‘Limitless’

What happens when you give four graffiti artists a limitless supply of paint and space in a warehouse? Videographer Selina Miles teamed up with artist Sofles to do just that. A sequel to Miles and Sofles’ previous video ‘Infinite’, ‘Limitless’ is a hyperlapsed video of amazing graffiti art created at an abandoned warehouse in Brisbane, Australia. Street artists[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] An Electric Forest 2013 Experience

Next summer, MASS EDMC will return to the Double JJ Ranch for our third Electric Forest. While planning what can only be called an epic return, we realized that our experience last summer needed to be documented so that others could share in our nostalgia and 6 day adventure. Words and thoughts can only convey so much - we knew we had to create something as memorable as our visions[...] Read more >>

Pulsu(m) Plantae Project Gives Plants a Voice

It’s no secret that plants, like all living things, show unique responses to lights, sound, and touch. Their methods of communicating these responses are intangible to human senses, but Leslie Garcia hopes to change that. The Mexican scientist’s innovative project Pulsu(m) Plantae uses a system of transducers and amplifiers to translate these responses into sounds audible by[...] Read more >>

Motion Technology Leads to Creation of HumanElectro

Humanelectro is a new act that places sensors on beatboxer Ryo Fujimoto’s face, arms, and hands and creates an auditory experience based on his movements. Similar to Imogen Heap’s “The Gloves,” a motion-based technology that uses hand and finger movements to control music software like Ableton, Humanelectro uses Leapmotion technology to create live compositions through[...] Read more >>

Google Glass Expands Into Music Integration

The technology-driven music industry has just gotten a little bit cooler with Google Glass. The fashionable technology has announced new features that make the eyewear compatible with music, including interactive search and controls that incorporate Google Play into the mix. This announcement came paired with a YouTube video showing Google Glass in action with music producer and[...] Read more >>

Katie Couric & Tommie Sunshine On Electronic Music and Molly

This past Thursday, Katie Couric used her talk show as a platform to gather a panel of industry figures to address the popularity and controversy surrounding the club drug ‘molly’. The panel consisted of legendary producer Tommie Sunshine, Billboard contributor Kerri Mason, Missi Wooldridge of DanceSafe’s Denver chapter, physician Julie Holland, and former FBI agent Brad[...] Read more >>

Spotify Delivers EDM Time Machine With Electrospective App

Popular music streaming service Spotify has just rolled out their official EDM App called Electrospective. The app seamlessly integrates all the features and content from the original Electrospective site, which launched last year, and offers users an easy to navigate platform to explore electronic music as far back as 1958. Boasting a massive collection of over 550 albums, the app[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] Mind Blowing Hooping Meets Math in Short Film ‘Etereas’

Dancers/performers Brecken Rivara and Tiana Zoumer exert their seemingly super-human hula hooping abilities and combine them with stunning graphics to create a mind-blowing short animation film entitled “Etereas” that is in itself a true work of art.  The dancers teamed up with film directors Daniela Villanueva and Mara Soler and production crew members César Moheno Plá and[...] Read more >>

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