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Outlet, otherwise known as Jonathan Belfontaine, began learning his instruments at the age of 13 when he was given his first guitar by a neighbor. Soon afterward, Belfontaine stumbled upon a broken amp while walking home from school, took it apart, signed a few amp repair books out from the library, and put it back together in working condition. Belfontaine began learning guitar and[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Of The Trees // Gravitas Recordings

Of the Trees is Tyler Coombs; electronic music producer hailing from Portland, ME. Melding strong influences from hip hop, ambient, and dance music to create emotive soundscapes laden with everything from jazzy piano arrangements to polyrhythmic rhythm changes not commonly heard in club-friendly music. To date, he has released two well-received EPs with Austin, TX based label Gravitas[...] Read more >>

Beardyman’s Voice Defies The Limits Of The Human Body

Vocally speaking, Beardyman is a freak of nature. The English beatboxing champion, 32, conjures up sounds with his voice that seem to defy the logic of the physical realm. And although he may control a pair of the world’s most talented vocal cords, Beardyman isn’t quite satisfied. In a TED Talk titled “The polyphonic me,” Beardyman demonstrates the real-time music production[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Matt McNeill // CSC

Matt McNeill is cut from the cloth of the oldschool. Spending his time in record stores, seeking out opportunities to learn from some of his biggest influences all across the United States, McNeill has honed his craft over the course of many years. Inspired by heroes from DJ Premier and Stretch Armstrong to names like Cox, Mills, May and Saunderson, McNeill's breadth of sound reads[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Esseks // Planet Cognac [Brooklyn, NY]

Esseks (Sam Eckstein) is a Brooklyn based producer and artist who creates emotionally driven electronic music and visual art. His music is influenced by a variety of styles, from J Dilla inspired hip-hop beats, to melodic bass, house and even blues and swing. The diverse elements of his music are tied together with Esseks’ subtle but instantly recognizable sonic landscape. Since[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Digital Vagabond // LostinSound [Boston, MA]

A recent transplant from Boston, MA to the mountains of Colorado, Patrick Boyle aka Digital Vagabond is a DJ/Producer, photographer, event-planner and Jewelry Fabricator; a connected individual and man of action who wears many hats within an exponentially growing electronic music and visionary art culture. His moniker is derived from his technological nomadic inclinations, embracing[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: SunSquabi [Boulder, CO]

It all began in 2011 when guitarist Kevin Donohue and bassist Andrew Clymer broke away from their hip-hop roots and decided that sample-based electronic music simply wasn’t enough. The Boulder duo set out to find their own blend of live instrumentation and production, which would lead to the creation of SunSquabi. The group very quickly gained notoriety in the Denver/Boulder area[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Terraphorm // Fractaltribe [Worcester, MA]

A sonic sorcerer, Terraphorm's against-the-grain style weaves swamp psychedelia and urban vibes, binding them together with explosive energy, resulting in an utterly mesmerizing musical landscape. Live accounts of “Terraphormation” include uncontrollable dancing, complete entrancement, and a dance-floor experience that can only be described as transformational. In addition to his[...] Read more >>


SQUNTO is a bass musician hailing from a small town outside of Boston, Massachusetts. With a diverse and potent arsenal of tunes, his DJ sets have been known to make one "turn up" and have even been reported to spontaneously combust more sensitive members of the audience - though the latter is unconfirmed. His passion does not end in the studio, or even on the stage. SQUNTO is a firm[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: eelko // LostinSound, Fractaltribe [NH]

eelko is the amalgamation of musical explorations and obsessions gathered throughout Christopher Carchedi’s life. Choosing to live on the darker yet emotive side of music, eelko’s ghastly expressions have caught international attention. Most notably, he collaborated on the song “One Big Loop” with Australian glitch producer, Mr. Bill, and UK sound design master, Mus Sck, which[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Twist of Fate // The Mutiny [NH]

Starting off raving in the early 2000's at legendary New England spots like The Asylum & The Muni, Twist of Fate (aka Adam Mahoney) quickly found himself attracted to the world of drum and bass and UK hardcore. Now hailing from New Hampshire and a proud member of The Mutiny Crew, Twist of Fate has been DJing and moving people for the past 10 years.     ///////////[...] Read more >>

Skrillex AmA Covered New Releases, “Beef” with Deadmau5, and the Future of Dubstep

There’s very little Sonny Moore, known to most on Earth as Skrillex, isn’t conquering these days. Fresh off his international “Takeover 2014” tour - a 20+ tour in which the dubstep superstar chose to “takeover” 6 cities across the globe for week-long celebrations featuring back-to-back shows at multiple venues in each city - Moore recently jumped on popular online forum[...] Read more >>

[INTERVIEW] The Chainsmokers Talk Quarter-Life Crises & Weird Dreams

The Chainsmokers, who have been together for little over a year, shot to fame in 2013 thanks to the electronic music blog scene and online streaming services, like Hype Machine. Thanks to their endearing social media presence and undeniably fun performances, the NYC-based duo has garnered a serious fan following. Their unique progressive house take on indie tracks sounds refreshing and[...] Read more >>

[INTERVIEW] Max Graham Talks Trance, EDM and Loyal Fans

With the high influx of electronic music acts nowadays, an artist who plays straight trance is becoming a rarity. There are so many subgenres and “BPM” categorizations - like progressive, psy, uplifting, euphoric, vocal - that it’s easy to lose sight of why trance is worth listening to in the first place. Max Graham, an exceptional trance DJ/producer out of Canada, doesn’t care[...] Read more >>

[INTERVIEW] Datsik Talks Hip-Hop, His Current Tour & Firepower Records

As bass music fans know, there are few artists who drop heavy, grimy beats that shake your to your very core; Troy Beetles, aka Datsik, is one such artist. Born in Canada, Beetles has rose to prominence in the bass music scene as EDM exploded in North America, alongside friends 12th Planet, Excision and Flux Pavilion. Initially a hip-hop DJ, Datsik is known for creating some of the[...] Read more >>

My Keys N Krates Experience at Electric Forest

Even at a festival where every moment feels magical, there is the opportunity for one experience to outshine them all. I will never forget the moments following Pretty Lights on the very last night of Electric Forest. Using Peter Penguin as a beacon, the gang of us gathered together and we began our march towards the Tripolee stage, where Keys N Krates were closing out the[...] Read more >>

[INTERVIEW] Infected Mushroom Shares Plans For 2013

Infected Mushroom at the House of Blues in Boston, MA on 1/11. Photograph thanks to Laura Bunzick.   Before playing an energetic show to hundreds of entranced fans at the House of Blues in Boston this past Friday as part of their 'Fungus Among Us' tour, Electric Shepherdess and MASS EDMC had the chance to sit down with Israeli electronic music icons Infected Mushroom, who[...] Read more >>