Bella Terra Festival 2013: Lineup & Giveaway

June 21st, 2013



Barely off the highway in upstate New York, Bella Terra Festival is an outdoor music and arts celebration that originated in 2009 as a fundraiser for Massachusetts arts programs. No longer simply a benefit for local arts programs, the green festival aims to provide a multidisciplinary atmosphere for non-profits to showcase their talents while highlighting some local talent. From August 15th to 18th, Gardner’s Field in Stephentown, NY transforms into a wonderland of artistic expression and holistic merriment (not to mention a hotbed of up-and-coming and well known musical amazingness). The fest features like live graffiti murals, an art gallery and co-op, puppetry, a healing/wellness/mind-body spa, Gardner’s Mini Golf and a workshop on meditation and the Didgeridoo sound journey.
Not only does Bella Terra offer a wealth of unique experiences that would make anyone’s weekend amazing, but this year’s line up is stuffed to the brim with serious talent. Huge names like Datsik, EOTO, Emancipator, Liquid Stranger, Michal Menert, Minnesota, Archnemesis, Case & Point, Jeff Bujak, Voltran and Wobblesauce will all be heading upstate this year. As indicated by the line up, this festival is musically catered more towards the funky, glitchy, livetronica side of the spectrum, with some electro artists thrown in as well.
Tickets for this three-day throw-down in western Mass are definitely affordable considering the experience that is Bella Terra Festival. The cheapest tickets start at $60 for a GA single day pass, then $96 for a two-day GA pass, $100 for a three-day GA pass and $120 for a four-day GA pass. A GA pass grants you access to both the campsite and the festival for the number of days you’ve indicated you’ll be there save the single day passes which don’t include camping. If you’re more interested in luxury, VIP tickets are available and come with the same benefits of a GA pass, as well as access to the VIP backstage section, backstage lounge, exclusive viewing areas, the VIP camping area, the VIP pizza party, the VIP pancake breakfast, free showers, discounted beer and ice and a ton of other cool extras. VIP tickets start at $90 to $140 for a single day VIP pass, then increase to $200 for a two-day VIP pass, $250 for a three-day VIP pass and $300 for a four-day VIP pass. In other words, either ticket option is extremely affordable; the most expensive ticket option is only marginally more expensive than a three day pass to Camp Bisco.
If you’re looking for a lesser well known festival that will still provide the same sense of community and artsy experience as some of the bigger name fests, this is the one for you. Continuously expanding, Bella Terra Festival is the type of event that will only get larger thanks to both its reputation and it’s quality line up, both musically and artistically, which has only been getting better over the years.


Ghostface Killah
Liquid Stranger
Zach Deputy
Max Creek
Michal Menert
The Breakfast
The Malah
Start Making Sense
Malik B & Mr. Green
Homeboy Sandman
Case & Point
The Alchemystics
OG Status
Caravan of Thieves
Damn Right
Deejay Theory
Digital Storm
UV Hippopotamus
Jeff Bujak
The Black Rebels

Orange Television
The Deadbeats
Digital Dharma
Mentally Ill
Great White Caps
The Edd
Leave It On Stage
Danny Pease & The Regulators (DPR)
Lion-Bird Soundsystem
Wolfman Conspiracy
The Chronicles
Outer Stylie
Gang of Thieves
Iganic Soundsystem
Change Up
DJ Twist of Fate
Waylon Speed
Longview Gunslingers
The Hornitz Maaze
Mass Air Flow
The Professors
Resident Frequency


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