Beats Antique Presents First Annual Creature Carnival in Fall 2014

October 24th, 2014


This week, one of the most experimental tours of the year hits the east coast with a bang. Creature Carnival, the newest exploratory tour by Beats Antique, is a mix of various musical influences and artists that is set to spread the word of new sounds to junkies of electronic music and beyond. Featuring Beats Antique, Shpongle, Emancipator, and Lafa Taylor, the Creature Carnival is a spectacle of sound, sights, and performance art that embraces the carnival spirit and infuses it into a musical setting. Creature Carnival is more than just a touring festival, though — it’s a celebration of sound and innovation for people who truly love music.
Beats Antique is one of today’s most diverse musical groups. Their music can be thought of as a journey around the globe, what with their amalgamation of hundreds of cultural influences and their variety of instrumentation and sound. Their genre can’t be truly pinned down, as Beats Antique combine plenty of cultural sounds into one experience — and that itself is the main focus of Creature Carnival. As Beats Antique explores many dimensions of sound, their Creature Carnival partners expand on their own genres with similar outside influences for an all-encompassing, all-inclusive night of music and experimentation. Look forward to their live performance, as well as a creative and beautiful show by belly dancer Zoe Jakes (who also produces Beats Antique’s music).



Shpongle is a trance project and all-around magical experience that brought psytrance into the American consciousness. Formed by The Infinity Project’s Raja Ram and Simon Posford (Hallucinogen), Shpongle focuses on a combination of hallucinogenic, worldly, trance, and instrumental influences. Their psychedelic feel emanates from Ram’s long history in world music and Posford’s electronic influences. While only Posford will be tagging along on this tour (performing as Shpongle in a DJ set), Shpongle’s presence at Creature Carnival will still be an exploratory, psychedelic experience.



Emancipator may not be an act one would think fits in the same category as Beats Antique and Shpongle, but is one that fits snugly within the worldly mix. His remarkable blend of rap, bass, and Eastern influences provide an atmosphere that is simultaneously danceable and chill.



Lafa Taylor wraps up the Creature Carnival lineup with trippy, glitchy, experimental hip hop with just the right amount of funk. His recent collab with Bassnectar proves his ability to command sound and easily blend into a new scene. Expect big things from Lafa Taylor in the next year, especially after touring with such an experimental crowd for Creature Carnival. He consistently picks up new sounds and uses them to better himself and incorporate new influences into the hip hop scene.



Tickets are on sale now, along with a list of Rideshare opportunities so music-lovers of all areas don’t have to worry about missing out.


10/21 (Tue): House of Blues, Boston

10/23 (Thu): Best Buy Theater, NYC

10/24 (Fri): The Dome at the Oakdale, Wallingford

10/25 (Sun): Electric Factory, Philadelphia

10/26 (Sun): Westcott Theater, Syracuse



Written by contributor Sarah Ribeiro. Find her on Twitter here.

With a love of dance music stemming from countless years of dance lessons and bass-thumping car rides with her music-obsessed father, Sarah Ribeiro is a Hartford-raised music addict who moved to Boston in the pursuit of a supportive and open nightlife scene. A passion for learning and a willingness to grow has pulled her out of her trancehead sphere and exposed her to a crazy variety of music and introduced her to some of the most amazing people (and events) Boston has to offer. A writer and social mediac, her main interests are music, literature, technology, art, and her first love: the city of Boston.

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