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All Aboard the Basslights Bus to Hampton, VA

November 5th, 2013


Basslights Bus Hampton, VA



Bassnectar & Pretty Lights Family – we have organized three coach busses to Basslights in Hampton VA on Friday, December 27th. The first bus will be departing from Boston, MA traveling directly to Virginia. The second bus will be departing from Hartford, CT and is stopping in New Haven, CT and Stamford, CT along the way. The third bus will be departing from Boston as well, but will be stopping in NYC and Philly. All aboard!

You can purchase an actual Basslights Ticket here for $97.60 after fees.
Need a hotel room? We have a secured a group rate discount on hotel rooms at the Ambassador Inn which is only 1.5 miles from the concert. You can purchase a hotel room for two nights for $80/night and split the room with as many people as you like (there are two full beds). Please read the information regarding hotels below.
The total cost of a Basslights ticket, Bus ticket, and Hotel room (assuming you split four ways) is $240.
Below are the exact details and everything you need to know:

Basslights Bus Map


– Avoid driving 19 hours (round-trip) and 1200 miles – let the Bass Bus be your safe and smooth ride.

– Avoid wear & tear on your car and worrying about paying for gas.

– Join 50 other friends and family from your area on an epic adventure.


Two 50 passanger coach buses to transport us to BASSLIGHTS in Hampton, VA. The bus is a standard coach bus. You’ll have a reclining seat, and plenty of room under and inside the bus for luggage. There is a bathroom on the bus.

Music will of course be played and watching a movie or two is an option assuming everybody is down.


BOSTON, MA (BUS 1 & 3)
Arsenal Mall: 485 Arsenal Street #37, Watertown, MA 02472

Walmart: 255 W. Main Street. Avon, CT 06001

Walmart: 515 Saw Mill Road. West Haven, CT 06516

*Location TBA*

JFK PARKING: 122-02 S Conduit Ave, South Ozone Park, NY 11420

Soundgarden Hall: 520 N Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19123


BOSTON: Overnight parking is not technically allowed at the Arsenal Mall so park overnight at your own discretion. We recommend getting a ride to the Mall or taking a taxi.

HARTFORD: We choose Avon, CT because you can park overnight at the Walmart or at the commuter lot right next door.

NEW HAVEN CT: The pick-up is at a Walmart and you can park overnight.

NYC: The pick-up is the JFK Airport parking lot and overnight parking for 3 days costs $38.


PHILLY: There is no overnight parking at Soundgarden Hall.


A round-trip ticket on the bus costs $99 + Fees. There are NO REFUNDS.
By purchasing a full-price ticket you are guarenteeing yourself a seat on the bus.



We are offering a payment plan for the Bass Bus in which you can pay $50 to reserve a seat for one of the two buses.
If you do not purchase the “Payment Plan” ticket a second time before December 1st, your seat will no longer be reserved and may be replaced by another person.

To solidify your ticket with the Payment Plan you must purchase the “Payment Plan” ticket twice.

You may be contacted via e-mail so please provide an accurate email.



We strongly suggest arriving 45 mins to an hour before the departure time. Why not get on the bus early and get comfy before anyone else?

*PLEASE NOTE*: these times are estimates, and do not take in account rest stops, and any other unforeseen delay.*

BOSTON: December 27th at Midnight Sharp

BOSTON: Friday, December 27th at Midnight Sharp.
NEW YORK CITY: Friday, December 27th at 4-4:30am Sharp.
PHILLY: Friday, December 27th at 6:30-7am sharp.

HARTFORD CT: Friday, December 27th at Midnight Sharp
NEW HAVEN CT: Friday, December 27th at 1am Sharp.
Stamford CT: Friday, December 27t at 2am sharp.

We’ll arrive in Hampton, VA between 10am-12pm on Friday, December 27th. The show starts at 5 or 6pm so it will give us plenty of time to check-in to our hotels and chill for a bit before the festivities begin.

Leaving Hampton, VA at 11am on Sunday, December 29th.

BOSTON: Arrive Sunday, December 29th at ~10pm on Sunday.

PHILLY: Arrive Sunday, December 29th at ~5pm on Sunday.
NEW YORK CITY: Arrive Sunday, December 29th at ~7pm on Sunday.
BOSTON: Arrive Sunday, December 29th at ~11pm on Sunday.

STAMFORD CT: Arrive Sunday, December 29th at ~7pm.
NEW HAVEN CT: Arrive Sunday at ~8pm on Sunday.
HARTFORD CT: Arrive in Hartford at ~10pm on Sunday.



We have arranged a group rate discount on hotels rooms at the Ambassador Inn. It costs $80 a night, it’s a decent hotel, and best of all – no extra charge for 4 or more adults so you can split it with some friends. We’re going to need 2 nights at the hotel so the total cost is $160 + online fees.

Each room has 2 full beds and is a smoking room.

You can purchase a room for 2 nights on our ticketing form below.

*PLEASE NOTE* whoever purchases the room will have to present their credit card upon checking-in for incidentals. The room will be reserved under the person who purchases the room. All people staying in the room must be 18+ – all IDs will be checked at check-in. Hotel Policy says if you are caught drinking underage you will forfeit your hotel room.



By purchasing a ticket to the bus you acknowledge the following:

1) MASS EDMC is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items aboard the vehicle or throughout the duration of the trip.

2) I am financially liable for taking care of the bus as well as any damages I incur to the bus.

3) MASS EDMC is not responsible for anything that may happen to the bus during travel. We’ve taken pre-cautionary mesaures to ensure that in case of any bus malfuctions, a timely solution will be provided at no extra cost to you.

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