A hybrid child of the 203 & 860, Seth would save up any allowance money he had and raid the dance section of his local CD store for anything with a 4X4 beat. By high school, he organized his area’s first electronic event. While this proved to be a disaster, he wrote a killer college acceptance letter about it - thus a music journalist was born. Today he continues to document from behind the keyboard. When he’s not searching for the perfect emoji or making festival posters/totems, he enjoys long walks into parallel universes, pulling off shameless dance moves, and leading the fight against kids from CT who feel wearing cowboy hats is okay.

Recent Posts By: Seth Hiravy

You Don’t Have ADHD, You’re Just Listening To Too Much Bassnectar

You don’t have ADHD, you’re just listening to too much Bassnectar….well not really, but hear us out. A new study published in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences has established a link between brain activity mimicking the tempos and pitches of audio files. This discovery enhances previous theories supporting that neurons will activate and fire in a synchronicity[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] Whateverest: No Bad Days; The “Inspiration” For Terje’s Inspector Norse

Time to familiarize yourself with Norwegian DJ Todd Terje. Terje has risen to electronic European prominence since the early 2000s. His tracks bring a euphoric mix of 80’s synths and euro-disco to make listeners feel like they’ve been transported to a funk dance party and have earned Terje spots at Sonar, Pitchfork, and Coachella. His most famous track, Inspector Norse, is a funky,[...] Read more >>

[INTERVIEW] Move Over Mafia, The Glitch Mob Has Risen To Take Over

As the name implies, electronic group The Glitch Mob has torn through the boundaries that have separated the worlds of DJ booth driven EDM and more traditional live instrument performance to amass one of the fastest growing fan bases in today’s music scene. Sourced out of Los Angeles, DJs edIT (Edward Ma), Boreta (Justin Boreta) and Ooah (Josh Mayer) have risen beyond the West Coast[...] Read more >>

UK Supertrio Nero Announces First North American Tour In Years

In less than a week, Grammy award winning electronic music trio Nero will visit the Northeast as of their North American Tour 2015. Known for creating many of the largest anthems in modern electronic music, such as "Promises", "Innocence", and "Must be the Feeling", the UK collective embarks on a 20 stop US tour to kick off the release of their newest album, Between II[...] Read more >>

Electric Zoo’s Efforts To Transform For 2015 Paid Off

Electric Zoo is like the Spiderman movies of music festivals. Just as New York’s favorite web-slinger has grown from the pages of our childhood comic books to the forefront of today’s pop culture, Electric Zoo has transformed from a small East Coast gathering to one of the world’s most recognized music festivals. Every Labor Day Weekend since 2009, EZoo has transformed[...] Read more >>

Get Weird in the Woods with Backwoods Music Festival

Let’s face it: by the end of summer, East Coast music festivals can become a tad homogenous. You’ve already been to Randall’s Island, Boston is in your backyard, and Connecticut can’t get its act together - perhaps it’s time to set your sights to the Midwestern adult-summer-camp-meets-electric-party that is Backwoods Camping and Music Festival. For seven years, Backwoods has[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] Shawn Wasabi Gets [Sugar] High and Releases a Must Hear Mashup

Shawn Wasabi is anything but your typical producer. Fueled by junk food inspiration, an array of lights and colors that would make a rainbow put on sunglasses, and a custom-built DJ Tech Tools Midi Fighter, this California native has been assembling some of the craziest and most diverse mash-ups to hit the internet.     After a 10 month hiatus, Shawn has released his[...] Read more >>

Moonrise Festival 2015: Lineup & MASS EDMC Buses

While other festivals try to attract newcomers with escalating gimmicks or “transformed” experiences, Moonrise Festival, organized by Steez Promo, has announced one of the most solid lineups for the summer 2015 season. Formerly known Starscape Music Festival, Moonrise will be returning to Pimlico Race Track in Baltimore, MD ready to rock the East Coast for two days starting August[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] South Korean “Light Barrier” Pushes the Boundaries of Performance Art

Mimi Son is a South Korean based artist with exhibitions that span across the globe including installations in Prague, Seoul, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Russia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. As a co-founder of the Kimchi and Chips art studio in Seoul, Son uses her studies in interactive storytelling and design to explore the concepts of imagined reality within the physical world. A[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] Moog Music: Old School American Manufacturing on a New Frontier of Sound

When asked what defines American musical instruments and sounds, it’s pretty fair to say many members of the electronic community are missing out. While companies like Gibson, Fender, and Zildjian have become household names of instrument manufacturers for fans across all categories of music, it’s time to familiarize yourself with Moog Music - the East Coast company that has been[...] Read more >>

Keys N Krates Kick off North American Tour, Release ‘Every Nite’ EP

Tired of the same one-man DJ performances that blast a recycled playlist of the same Soundcloud mix you heard a month ago? Craving the blend of sound and energy of live performances? Electronic hybrid jam group Keys ‘N Krates avoids the former while providing the latter. The Toronto trio - composed of drummer Adam Tune, Keyboard/Synth master David Matisse, and Greg Dawson (aka DJ[...] Read more >>

Zeds Dead, Flux Pavilion & Destroid Unite Forces for Safe In Sound Festival

If you’re still buying into the internet rumors that dubstep is dead, then you need to immediately check out the bass packed lineup for the 2014 Safe In Sound Festival.  This fall, Canadian sensations Adventure Club, dubstep super group Destroid, and founder of Circus Records Flux Pavilion join forces on a single stage, (yes one stage - as in catch some of the biggest names in[...] Read more >>

Spring Awakening Refuses to Rest in 2014, Celebrating 6 Years in Chicago

Spring Awakening, Chicago’s largest electronic music festival, returns once again to the historic Soldier Field on the city’s east side to celebrate its sixth summer anniversary. As a growing number of cities compete to have their names become synonymous with the massive electronic festivals that dominate their summer scenes, Spring Awakening continues to draw some of the[...] Read more >>

Skrillex AmA Covered New Releases, “Beef” with Deadmau5, and the Future of Dubstep

There’s very little Sonny Moore, known to most on Earth as Skrillex, isn’t conquering these days. Fresh off his international “Takeover 2014” tour - a 20+ tour in which the dubstep superstar chose to “takeover” 6 cities across the globe for week-long celebrations featuring back-to-back shows at multiple venues in each city - Moore recently jumped on popular online forum[...] Read more >>

LA’s HARD Summer Moves Locations for August 2014

HARD Summer is back once again in 2014 and a couple of key changes guarantee that this year’s festival will be unlike any other. With a new home, more stages, and even more surprises along the way, this west coast staple isn’t waiting until the weather is warm to start celebrating. The festival’s summer teaser trailer was released just days ago and presale tickets goes on sale[...] Read more >>

MAKJ Blends Talents For 2014 North American Peyote Tour

This spring, you won’t believe your eyes and your audio expectations will be re-energized as MAKJ kicks off his 2014 North American Peyote Tour. With a premiere show at Montreal’s Igloofest, MAKJ will be jet setting across the United States, Mexico, and Canada for a slew of dates that include sets at some of the nation’s premiere nightclubs as well as huge appearances at[...] Read more >>

New Investments Place Online Audio Platform SoundCloud at $700M

SoundCloud is prepared to shoot through the stratosphere and continue to redefine the way we discover, listen, and distribute music. The open audio platform just received a huge boost following a new stream of investments that now place the value of this Berlin-based Internet start-up at over $700 million.   Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, co-founders of SoundCloud   There[...] Read more >>

Excision Unleashes Massive North American Executioner Tour 2014

One of the most renowned names in the electronic music, dubstep super devil Excision, fully kicked off his 2014 tour last month. After numerous tours, like last year’s bone crushing Executioner Tour with Paper Diamond, this year X will bring the bass on an international crawl with over 60+ shows coming to all corners of North America. Producer Jeff Abel is the face behind[...] Read more >>

MartyParty and Joker Synergize Their Sound for 2014 Tour

The sounds of Brooklyn and Bristol collide this spring as MartyParty and Joker team up their 2014 tour. A truly unique pairing, the duo will play an international tour with 20+ dates across North America from February through mid May. Martin Folb, the man behind MartyParty is truly a juggler of electronic talent. When the South African born Brooklyn native isn’t commanding the[...] Read more >>

Myon & Shane 54 Don’t Skip a Beat for 2014 Heartbeat Tour

Late last year, Hungarian duo Myon & Shane 54 announced their Heartbeat tour with house act Late Night Alumni. MS54 hails from Budapest and has maintained a consistent international presence in the world of dance music thanks to efforts to break genre definitions; their tracks echo with melodic, elemental rises that have many fans turning to MS54’s more trance-y style[...] Read more >>