Electric Shepherdess was born out of my frustration with nightlife options and a constant desire to dance. After a few years of adoration from afar, I partnered with my long-time friends, MASS EDMC, to spread our message far and wide. When I'm not tending to my flock, I'm writing, dancing, editing, managing, reading or curating. I believe in fancy hats and enjoy glitter, disco and lazers, often for days.

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Weekly Forecast (4/17 to 4/23)

I am a Bostonian. I grew up about 14 miles outside of the city in Lexington - which as any true Masshole will tell you doesn't actually make me a Bostonian - and have spent the better part of my life here. I was born at Brigham & Woman's. I used to work on Boylston St, about a block from the second explosion. I've bought my coffee from the Starbucks next to Forum. I've made out in[...] Read more >>

Moonrise Festival 2013: Preview & Lineup

At the end of last year's Starscape Festival, Baltimore officials told Lonnie Fisher that the festival would be no more. Those who loved the 14-year strong event were heartbroken until whispers of an even bigger and better replacement event at a brand new location began to surface. That replacement? Moonrise Festival, held at Sun Park in Baltimore this year. Though the East Coast[...] Read more >>

Movement 2013: Preview & Lineup

Ah, techno. Frequently the catch-all misnomer that those not interested in electronic music use as a mild insult, techno has yet to really garner the same kind of attention as house  in the United States outside of certain circles. Yet, techno was born here in the US; for those who don't yet know, Detroit IS techno. Originating out of electro and funk in the late 70s and early 80s,[...] Read more >>

EXCLUSIVE: Turbo Recordings Showcase @ Together Festival

This year (May 12th to 19th) is the fourth annual Together Festival in Boston and so far, it’s shaping up to be the best one yet. Though the festival is still more than a month away, the lineup is already exciting; performances will include !!!, Art Department, Crystal Castles, Flying Lotus, Gold Panda, Mathew Jonson, Pictureplane, Soul Clap, Slam and Zombie Nation to name a few.[...] Read more >>

Weekly Forecast (11/20 to 11/26)

What's a better way to prep for a week filled with overeating and turkey-induced naps than dancing yourself into pre-Thanksgiving shape? There's plenty of perfect danceable options, so get dressed and hit the floor. In case you need some guidance as to where to go, our personal recommendations are italicized. Make sure to check back next week for the next forecast - this is weekly[...] Read more >>

CounterPoint Music & Arts Festival 2014: Early Bird Tickets Now on Sale

After skipping out on the 2013 festival season, CounterPoint Music & Arts Festival is back! The fest will return in 2014 for its second year on Friday, April 25th to Sunday, April 27th, this time taking place at Kingston Downs in Rome, Georgia. Early bird GA camping tickets start at $185 while early bird GA non-camping tickets start at $160. A car camping pass will cost[...] Read more >>

Weekly Forecast (4/10 to 4/16)

  To all those unfamiliar with the Electric Shepherdess 'Weekly Forecast', welcome to the second edition in our new home. This is the only guide you're going to need this week: curated electronic events from throughout the Northeast are below. So gather your crew, finish your hair and apply glitter generously - we're going DANCING. In case you need some guidance, our personal[...] Read more >>

Electric Zoo 2013: Headliners

NYC's very own island-based festival, Electric Zoo, is returning to Randall's Island from Friday, August 31st to Sunday, September 1st for the 5th installment of the growing east coast dance party. To celebrate, another main stage will be added to the grounds and there will be more confetti. Tickets this year start at $329 for a GA three day pass and run all the way up to $1,199[...] Read more >>

Electric Forest 2013: Phase II Lineup

There is something unique and spiritual about camping festivals that can't quite be explained. As much as I love maintaining a general sense of cleanliness and sleeping in a bed (as you do during festivals like Electric Zoo), there's sense of community and attendee bonding that happens when you're festing AND camping that I have yet to find replicated anywhere else. Camping is a[...] Read more >>

Weekly Forecast (3/27 to 4/2)

I'm back, a little more tan, a little more sick and definitely lusting for spring weather - I'm sure all those lucky ravers who were in Miami for WMC/Ultra Music Festival agree with me. Luckily for us, there's a whole bunch of spectacular events going on this week that will hopefully ease the post-Spring Break blues and serve as a distraction from the Northeast's reluctance to settle[...] Read more >>

STS9 Spring Tour 2013

Sound Tribe Sector 9, better known as STS9, is hitting the road this April for some jamtronic good fun. Known for their funky sets and loyal fans, have been throwing down for over a decade and most summers they headline some of the biggest festivals in the world. If you're looking for some mellow electronic rock beats, this is the tour for you. Joining them for some dates are Russ[...] Read more >>

Weekly Forecast (JUST KIDDING)

I was all set to do a Weekly Forecast yesterday, I swear. But I started packing, and I have this problem with packing. It's not that I'm bad at it, it's that I like to imagine all the possible scenarios I could find myself in and then pack accordingly. That's all fine and good, except that I'm going to be doing a bunch of different things (Volcano hiking! Treehouse dwelling! City[...] Read more >>

Weekly Forecast (11/13 to 11/19)

Well folks, it's officially winter - if you live in a hole, it snowed yesterday and today is colder than a middle school dance floor. Real talk: I severely dislike cold weather BUT instead of hibernating, I tend to face winter head on and feet first (you guessed it, I dance it out). If you're like me, you're in luck - there's plenty of perfect danceable options to aid your cold[...] Read more >>

EDC NY 2013: Preview & Lineup

After a successful first year, EDC NY is back on May 17th & 18th and ready to party. The festival will be two days long instead of three (though if last year is any indication, this could change) and will be held at Citi Field, finally living up to its moniker by actually BEING in NYC. Extra good news for all the whippersnappers out there - it's[...] Read more >>

Kill The Noise: Black Magic and Mystical Wonder Tour 2013

This spring, Kill the Noise is going on one heck of a tour and bringing Brillz and Style of Eye with him (with some appearances by 12th Planet too!). KTN has crazy stage energy and his uniquely intense take on electronic dance music has kept him rocking around the globe from packed nightclubs to sold-out festivals. In a word, his sound is dynamic. His productions much like his[...] Read more >>

A-Trak: April Fools Club Tour Spring 2013

A-Trak, born Alain Macklovitch, is one of my personal favorite performers out there today. Not only does he produce fantastic tracks that make people dance, but he also has one heck of a stage presence emphasized by his turnable abilities. Bursting onto the scene when he was 15, his talent is undeniable - if you haven't heard of him, then you're not listening. He has produced some[...] Read more >>

Weekly Forecast (4/3 to 4/9)

To all those unfamiliar with the Electric Shepherdess 'Weekly Forecast', welcome. This is the only guide you're going to need this week: curated electronic events from throughout the Northeast are below. So get out your wallet, strap on your dancing shoes and down your drink - we're about to get funky. In case you need some guidance, our personal recommendations are italicized. Make[...] Read more >>

Weekly Forecast (3/6 to 3/12)

Check out our listings for this upcoming below - our personal recommendations are in blue. As I've said for the past few weeks, Electric Shepherdess will be changing. Keep your eyes peeled, there are exciting things ahead! As always, make sure to follow on twitter or like the facebook page to ensure you'll have the latest electronic music event news. Wednesday,[...] Read more >>

Rustie Tour: Fall 2013

First appearing on the music scene back in 2008, Rustie has been breaking, combining and evolving genres ever since. Born Russell Whyte and raised in Glasgow, the young producer has been making music since 15 and credits much of his sound to his love of video games. His most recent release features hip hop star Danny Brown and has garnered considerable attention. But before you[...] Read more >>

Bassnectar Spring Tour 2013

After playing tons of arena shows, womp king Bassnectar has decided to play at some smaller, more intimate venues during his three week long spring tour. Joining him on this epic journey will be Michal Menert, who is one of my personal favorites on Pretty Lights Music, GRiZ, the funkmaster, and Thriftworks. Pre-sale tickets will go on sale on Wednesday, 2/6 at 12pm EST (you can buy them[...] Read more >>

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