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[WATCH] Australian Graffiti Artists Transform Warehouse in ‘Limitless’

December 18th, 2013


What happens when you give four graffiti artists a limitless supply of paint and space in a warehouse? Videographer Selina Miles teamed up with artist Sofles to do just that. A sequel to Miles and Sofles’ previous video ‘Infinite’, ‘Limitless’ is a hyperlapsed video of amazing graffiti art created at an abandoned warehouse in Brisbane, Australia.
Street artists Sofles, Fintan MageeDr. Apple, Treas, and Quench team up here to make an entire warehouse (walls, floors, and even beams) their canvas. The video takes some creative liberties of its own while documenting the artists, using time lapse methods to manipulate the artists in many different situations: “sailing” on a couch across the warehouse, disappearing into walls, and even making Sofles “fly” with the help of a spray can engine. It’s clever, funny, and a great showcase of Miles’ and the artists’ skills.

Miles shot the video with a Canon 6D, mixing live action video with stills to create a hyperlapse “animation-style” effect. This means that at points, Miles was taking one shot every 5 seconds and at other times, a shot every 30 seconds. The shoot took ten 8-hour days – with over 7,500 photographs taken – and over 40 hours of editing and rendering in Lightroom, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. The project was sponsored by Ironlak paints (who sponsors Sofles) and involves a bit of product placement in turn, which Miles carefully and obscurely edits in.

Limitless 3

The music for the video was produced by Brisbane artist DJ Butcher, a friend of Miles and Sofles. The soundtrack took Butcher 3 days to produce after seeing the video and is available to download for free from his Soundcloud. The three tracks, “Get Busy pt. 2,” “Cocaine,” and “All in Check,” were created to match the style of the video, utilizing the Amen break beat, a nod to graffiti’s long history with hip hop, and Butcher’s unique bass-heavy style to provide a fluid and refreshing musical guide.
With the success of Infinite, which came out 5 months ago, and Limitless, which has reached over 6 million views on YouTube in just a week, there’s no doubt that more time lapse street art videos are to come. Miles will be shooting the RiSE Street Art Festival in New Zealand, which takes place from December – March at the Canterbury Museum, and we can expect to see some more videos from her – and hopefully Sofles and his crew.


Check out some work by the “Limitless” artists:






Written by contributor Sarah Ribeiro.

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