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[WATCH] Stroll Through Atmeture, An Environment That Breathes Along With You

May 10th, 2015


“Atmeture” is an art and design piece that was constructed for the inaugural Fire & Fright Festival, which ran the week of Halloween in Letchworth, UK. The large, interactive tunnel acted as a centerpiece for the festival and was brought to life periodically for key nights of the event. The studio Loop.pH, founded by design duo Rachel Wingfield and Mathias Gmatchl, has done a series of projects in which they explore how art and technology can come together to emulate nature.
The installment seems to mimic what it might be like to stroll between the cells of living, breathing lungs. Artists wove luminous, lightweight fibers around transparent, inflating membranes that are animated when pumped with air. Swirling smoke sporadically fills the structure, constantly altering the transparency of the membranes within the intricate latticework. Colorful, dynamic lighting illuminates the smoke when it fills the walls of the tunnel, but some of the most stunning photographs of the piece are from when the cell-like fibers appear to be floating in mid-air.
The Loop.pH studio describes “Atmeture” as an “experiment in breath and space.” From afar, the piece is an exciting spectacle. Once inside, however, designers created a dreamlike and calming meditative space. This art and design studio states that they “create visionary experiences and environments that interface the familiar and the unknown.” Explore their other thought-provoking works on their website.



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