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[WATCH] Artist Beeple Sees No Line Between Sight and Sound

April 15th, 2015



Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, has a very different approach to art than most. Known for his self-described “cinema 4d projects,” the Neenah, Wisconsin-based visual artist takes a unique, synesthetic approach to production, meshing visuals with sonics to fantastic effect. This goes far beyond basic visualizations, though. Winkelmann’s aim is for direct integration, matching the waveform for each different instrument in a track to a visual element, making his videos a direct extension of the sounds that accompany them.
Beyond his divergent artistic approaches, Winkelmann’s workflow and release schedule are also something to admire. Believing that practice is the key to success, he has taken it upon himself to release something new to fans every day, whether it be a digital sketch, a concept render or something more fleshed out, in a series he calls Everydays. Also, anything he releases is free to use by the public under a Creative Commons licence, meaning that anyone from filmmakers to VJs (the DJs of the visual art world) can use his art without compensation.



If you’re interested in learning more about Winkelmann’s work, Lynda has an excellent mini-doc about him, which you can stream above. Also check out his now-classic video for Flying Lotus’ “Kill Your Co-Workers” below.



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