Amtrac Kicks Off First Headlining Tour, Lost In Motion, In 2016

February 9th, 2016


Amtrac Tour

Caleb Cornett has been releasing music under the moniker “Amtrac” for eight years now. A well rounded entertainer with experience in singing, producing, and DJing, Cornett has created a presence for himself in the electronic music scene by consistently releasing remixes and original tracks on top of massive collaborations and festival performances. It’s evident that Amtrac draws influences from many genres; while his music certainly possesses a house influence at its core, he doesn’t hesitate to incorporate ambient and ethereal sounds into his work. For music fans who might find house music too repetitive or other electronic genres too experimental, Amtrac’s style is a steady yet refreshing blend.



Amtrac leads his first headlining tour aptly titled “Lost In Motion” with support from rising talent Hotel Garuda (whom audiences may recognize as Manila Killa and Candle Weather). Gaining fame from their wide range of remixes, Hotel Garuda’s tropical style serves as the perfect warmup for the tour.



2/11 (THU): Good Room, Brooklyn

2/12 (FRI): Coda, Philly

2/13 (SAT): Ascend, Boston



Written by contributor Sylvia Parol. Find her on Twitter here.

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