Above & Beyond Strip Down for an Orchestral Acoustic Tour

January 28th, 2016


Above and Beyond Tour Flyer

Recognizing a unique opportunity is the key to success. Original ideas don’t come often in the music industry, especially in a genre without “real instruments” (a conversation for another day). The entire music industry has undergone a shift from live instrumentation to electronic sound composing, with a drastic migration towards EDM. But one group is stripping dance music down to an acoustic symphony – and a tour.
Above & Beyond have decided to give their audience a large-scale acoustic tour with an exclusive feel. The tour is stopping at legendary concert halls and theaters in 9 different cities for 14 performances this May, extending the acoustic experience to a much larger audience. On the ticket drop date, demand was so high that the London, Chicago, Toronto, Berkeley, and one of the New York dates all sold out. To meet demand, Jono, Paavo, and Tony announced second dates in these cities – and in the case of New York, a third date – only to watch the second Toronto date sell out as well.
Needless to say, the demand for this tour is ridiculously high, but with good reason.



In 2013, Above & Beyond performed the first-ever live, acoustic performance of their music in London. At the Porchester Hall in London, England, A&B performed four nights of acoustic sets, featuring vocals by artists Zoe Johnston, Alex Vargas, and Annie Drury, paired with a 15 piece band. The event was a smash, so to keep that momentum going, they performed two sold out shows that same year in LA at the Greek theater, where they received incredible reviews, including a gushing approval from Billboard: “Above & Beyond created one of the finest and more memorable shows in dance music history.”
This is not your typical performance. Unlike anything else in electronic music history, A&B have discovered something surprising about their relatively young audience: they appreciate the art behind their music. The acoustic set acts as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the incredible musical genius behind each member of the group; with Tony on guitar and vocals, Paavo on a Bösendorfer piano and cello, and Jono on the Rhodes piano and vibraphone, they showed that they aren’t DJs – they are true musicians, capable of creating something magical.



Above & Beyond have grown into something much larger than the sum of their parts. Over 15 years, these three men have reached the pinnacles of their profession: play Wembley Stadium, play Madison Square Garden, play The Greek Theater, play the main stage at every festival you can think of. Above & Beyond have nothing left to prove, yet they are still finding ways to separate from the herd. The acoustic phenomenon is far bigger than any of us could have imagined. Ravers across the country will don their finest attire for these events, sitting on the edge of their seats as the orchestra takes stage. Their greatest hits will be redesigned and morphed into swelling symphonic renditions of their former selves and, like always, their audience will eat it up. With one of the largest, most loyal, and most passionate fan bases in electronic music, this tour will undoubtedly be one of the most historic in dance music.
There are only a few dates with available tickets left. Don’t be left behind.


5/17 (Tue): The Wang Theater, Boston

5/20 (Fri): Beacon Theater, NYC

5/21 (Sat): Beacon Theater, NYC

5/22 (Sun): Beacon Theater, NYC



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