17 Reasons To Attend FractalFest This Summer

July 9th, 2015


fractalfest - lineup
FractalFest 2015 is Fractaltribe‘s 3rd annual outdoor music festival taking place July 31st to August 2nd in the beautiful Fractal Forest of Stephentown, NY.
Fractaltribe is focused on providing a nourishing environment in which attendees can enjoy themselves, promoting healthy and aware decision making, and this is carried into their annual festival. Attention is put into every aspect of the event, completely customized for each year. FractalFest is about reconnecting with your tribal roots of community and dance while integrating modern electronic music – which plays continuously for the entirety of the weekend.
A key element of FractalFest is its smooth flow of music from start to finish. The energy of the music is carefully considered, with the organizers aiming to create a musical odyssey. Musically speaking, the festival caters specifically to psytrance fans, though other genres – such as techno, house, dubstep, chillout, downtempo, drum & bass, and IDM – are also featured. Many of the DJs and producers who are considered part of the Fractaltribe family are featured on this year’s lineup. For more information about the lineup, see here.



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1. This amazing preview video.



2. A carefully handpicked 48 hours of music to guide you through your journey.



3. A beautiful new location in upstate NY, just 2.5 hours from both New York City & Boston.

2. beautiful new location

4. Projection mapped dome with a nighttime musical lineup.

Fractaltribe - Projection dome

5. A custom designed 25ft fractal stage and atmosphere transforming décor.

Fractaltribe - giant fractals

6. A family friendly environment – all children are welcome!

Fractaltribe - family friendly

7. Visuals by mindbenders Levitation Theory, Lunecell, Pixel Manipulating Fractilian and Tamara.

Fractaltribe - visuals

8. Barefoot friendly woodland camping and dance floor surrounded by trees.

Fractaltribe - woodland camping

9. Mingle, create & dine with the tribe.

9 tribal celebration

10. You are encouraged to bring your passions and skills to share.

Fractaltribe - participate

11. Delectable treats served at key moments throughout the weekend.

Fractaltribe - food

12. A variety of hands on workshops.

Fractaltribe - workshops

13. Held during the second full moon of the month, FractalFest takes place during a Blue Moon.

Fractaltribe - blue moon weekend

14. Chill out and sip on hot herbal tea in the tea lounge.

Fractaltribe - Tea Lounge

15. Audiophile tuning with crisp and clean sound from Sonic Beating.Fractaltribe - sound


16. Two galleries of psychedelic art.

psych art

17. Small festival price – under $100 for a completely immersive experience.

fractal fest 2015 immersive

Note: Fractaltribe is the crew that hosts all night electronic music warehouse events in the unknown location known as Fractal Factory. Known for a variety of reasons, Fractaltribe events retain key elements that are essential for quality events. A specific welcoming vibe that is felt but never quite able to be pinpointed, incredible selection of music, & a genuine want to create something positive in the lives of those in attendance. With a crew of 50 dedicated members, each event is given the utmost care in order to create the best possible gathering.


Written by guest contributor from Fractaltribe, Kyle Rober. Photos c/o Fractaltribe.

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