KOAN Sound Headlines Their First North American Tour in 2014

KOAN Sound will spend the spring months of 2014 testing exciting new grounds on their very first headlining tour through the U.S. Comprised of Will Weeks and Jim Bastow, KOAN Sound plans to bring their eclectic blend of hypnotic-yet-glitchy take on electronic music to 22 locations across the states. They've produced very mellow material in the past, most notably from their[...] Read more >>

Size Records Celebrates Ten-Year Anniversary With Massive 2014 Tour

Since being founded by Steve Angello in 2003, Size Records have become one of the most prolific record labels in the dance music industry. The label has released hundreds of tracks in the past ten years, and, as of 2012, has expanded to festival level thanks to Size in the Park. Taking place in New York’s Central Park, 2013’s festival featured a two day showcase of[...] Read more >>

Weekly Event Forecast (4/16 to 4/22)

Taxes are paid, April is almost over, spring is mostly-pretty-much-basically here and the school year is almost done. Wowie! Guess what - there are also numerous dancing options for you this week! In case you need some guidance as to where to go, my personal recommendations are italicized. Make sure to check back next week for the next forecast - this is weekly y'all. Make[...] Read more >>

[LISTEN] Disney Announces DConstructed Remix Album Ft Top DJs/Producers

It seems everyone’s hopping on the EDM train – with Mickey Mouse in the lead. Disney has announced a new compilation featuring electronic artists reworking beloved Disney songs. The nostalgic album takes Disney’s themes of friendship, love, and youth and infuses them into the club scene, combining elements of PLUR and Gen-Y excitement into a Disney mania-esque[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Mike Skillz // Morlock Musik [Boston, MA]

Hailing from the Northeast, Mike Skillz is a tsunami in the New England Dubstep movement. Mike's been spinning for 15 years and pushing his own unique style for decades, integrating his progressive controllerism and old school vinyl roots. His abilities as a selector and DJ, as well as his mastery of multiple genres, have propelled him into events across the US. Mike is[...] Read more >>

Weekly Event Forecast (4/9 to 4/15)

Guys.....I don't want to jinx it but I think spring might FINALLY be here. It's hard to believe - I know, I'm pretty sure my extremities will never thaw either. But the greatest possible way to de-thaw (not to mention celebrate the arrival of single-layer weather)? DANCE. And luckily for us, there are plenty of things to do this week! In case you need some guidance as to where[...] Read more >>

MASS EDMC Zip Up Hoodies Now On Sale

After an almost year-long merch hiatus, we're proud to announce that a small number of MASS EDMC zip up hoodies are now on sale! Each hoodie is light enough to be worn during the summer but fuzzy enough to keep you warm on chilly festival evenings - the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Hoodies are available in both men and women's sizes; the hoodies fit true to size - pick[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Twistyknobs // HNDMD [Boston, MA]

Twistyknobs is a producer whose style reflects the sounds of the Southern California hip hop scene, with an emphasis on tasteful minimalism and sharp sound design. He lives on Soundcloud and has developed a refined ear for where the future of electronic music lies. Twisty reps HNDMD, TeamSupreme, Top Cats, Zone Def, and Lifted[...] Read more >>

Snowball Festival 2014 Descends On Denver This April

The Colorado electronic music scene has been well-known for producing some serious talent over the last few years. Ever since Pretty Lights (or as many call him, Derek Vincent Smith) stormed the electronic music scene, acts like Savoy and Paper Diamond have followed in his footsteps. A reputation for appreciating soulful beats and the groovier side of electronica has sprung[...] Read more >>