[GIVEAWAY] Mysteryland USA Returns to Woodstock Grounds in 2015

Last year, ID&T brought their electronic music festival Mysteryland to the US for the first time. The American debut proved to be a giant success, enough so that Mysteryland will be returning to Bethel Woods, New York from May 22nd to 25th. An official lineup hasn’t been released yet, but a list of curators for the festival is out[...] Read more >>

[GIVEAWAY] Freddy Todd & Space Jesus Take Northeast to Astronaut School

Mission control - we have liftoff! 2015 could not start off any better for those with a taste for forward-thinking sound. Freddy Todd and Space Jesus, two creative bass acts both originally from the northeast, have sprinkled nine nights of interstellar journeys across the region, dubbing it the Astronaut School Tour. Fresh off two recent tours with Gramatik and The[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Esseks // Planet Cognac

Esseks (Sam Eckstein) is a Brooklyn based producer and artist who creates emotionally driven electronic music and visual art. His music is influenced by a variety of styles, from J Dilla inspired hip-hop beats, to melodic bass, house and even blues and swing. The diverse elements of his music are tied together with Esseks’ subtle but instantly recognizable sonic[...] Read more >>

Hop on the Bus to Electric Forest 2015!

Of all the festivals we've managed to attend, Electric Forest has been one of the most unique & fantastic experiences of them all. If you've been around us, you know we haven't been able to stop talking about it, our experiences, and planning our return... and you need to come with us. Start making your mental commitments my friends... we're headed (back) to the[...] Read more >>

Snowglobe Festival Heats Up Lake Tahoe For New Year’s Eve 2015

The summer festival season is still six months away, but at least we’re halfway there, right? Thankfully, dance music fans have the luxury of choosing from a massive selection of New Year’s Eve parties to tide us over through the winter. Snowglobe Festival is one of these options, offering a three-day festival experience set against the snowy mountain backdrop of[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Digital Vagabond // Age of the Fractilian

A recent transplant from Boston, MA to the mountains of Colorado, Patrick Boyle aka Digital Vagabond is a DJ/Producer, photographer, event-planner and Jewelry Fabricator; a connected individual and man of action who wears many hats within an exponentially growing electronic music and visionary art culture. His moniker is derived from his technological nomadic inclinations,[...] Read more >>

On Warmer Shores, Envision Festival 2015 Prepares To Go Deep

Powerful things are happening within the transformational festival universe. As they grow in popularity throughout the world, these gatherings act as conduits for positive change -- both within festival-goers and in the world at large. Perspectives on existence and truth are shifting. Visionary artwork is serving as a catalyst for spiritual growth and as the inspiration[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: SunSquabi // LIVE @ The Frequency (10-8-14)

It all began in 2011 when guitarist Kevin Donohue and bassist Andrew Clymer broke away from their hip-hop roots and decided that sample-based electronic music simply wasn’t enough. The Boulder duo set out to find their own blend of live instrumentation and production, which would lead to the creation of SunSquabi. The group very quickly gained notoriety in the[...] Read more >>

New Years Eve (NYE) 2015 Legendary Party Guide

If there is one thing you can always count on, it's time - no matter what, days go by and seasons pass. More often than not, this tends to be a reason to pout (c'mon, who actually likes freezing cold temperatures?) but when time brings us to the end of fall and the beginning of winter, that can only mean one thing: one of the biggest party nights of the year is fast[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] Electric Forest Announces 2015 Trailer, On-Sale Ticket Dates

Despite some uncertainty about the exact future of the festival earlier this year,  Electric Forest has released an official announcement stating that tickets for 2015’s festival will go on sale next week. Next year’s festival will take place at Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, MI from June 25th to June 28th. Like last year, Forest is hooking up the loyal fans of[...] Read more >>

Oliver Takes Dance Floors ‘Light Years Away’ in Fall 2014

Daft Punk’s legendary Discovery album was one of the first albums many present-day electronic music fans first fell in love with. It has elements of disco and what would soon become known as french house; the album was revolutionary. It gave birth to a generation of disco-loving producers, many of whom are finally getting a chance to showcase their passion. One such[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Terraphorm // Fractaltribe

A sonic sorcerer, Terraphorm's against-the-grain style weaves swamp psychedelia and urban vibes, binding them together with explosive energy, resulting in an utterly mesmerizing musical landscape. Live accounts of “Terraphormation” include uncontrollable dancing, complete entrancement, and a dance-floor experience that can only be described as transformational. In[...] Read more >>

[GIVEAWAY] Audien Embarks On ‘AUDaCITY’ Fall 2014 Tour

In an era of young DJs trying to make names for themselves, only a handful have reached the level of success that Audien has. He has released hits on multiple labels (such as Anjunabeats, Zouk Recordings, and Spinnin Records), opened for Armin Van Buuren and Above & Beyond, played main stages across the world, and headlined numerous tours. This fall, he’s headlining[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: SQUNTO // LIVE @ The Middle East (10-17-14)

  SQUNTO is a bass musician hailing from a small town outside of Boston, Massachusetts. With a diverse and potent arsenal of tunes, his DJ sets have been known to make one "turn up" and have even been reported to spontaneously combust more sensitive members of the audience - though the latter is unconfirmed. His passion does not end in the studio, or even on the stage.[...] Read more >>

Minnesota Brings Mind Machine Tour to Northeast

Now that festival season is fading into the realm of fond memory, many bass music enthusiasts may be feeling a certain sense of emptiness. But have no fear, the heavy, ethereal soundscapes of Minnesota are coming to the Northeast this month to help fight off the winter blues. Christian Bauhofer, the man behind Minnesota, has an eye and an ear for beauty, and he puts it all[...] Read more >>