GRiZ’s 2015 Say It Loud Tour Expected to Feel the Funk

Funk soul brother GRiZ is releasing his next album, Say It Loud, in March 2015 in conjunction with a world tour. This will be his first full-length studio album since Rebel Era in 2013, and he’s bringing The Floozies, Exmag, Artifakts, and Muzzy Bearr along for the ride. GRiZ was born as Grant Kwiecinski and played alto sax through middle school and high school. He[...] Read more >>

Rage Down the Mountain at Snowbombing 2015

Over the past couple of decades, the massive proliferation of music festivals has led to some pretty interesting hybrid ideas. From the rave cruise of Holy Ship to the down-south resort trip of My Morning Jacket’s One Big Holiday, promoters have consistently found great ways to fuse the joys of festival life with more traditional, and usually sunny, leisure activities. But[...] Read more >>

Exmag Spring 2015 Tour Promotes Fresh Funky Sound

This spring, rising act Exmag is bringing their inimitable sound to the road, bridging old-school sound with new-wave electro to spread music that everyone can enjoy. The group, hailing from Brooklyn, is less of a band and more of a supergroup, pulling in talent from artists like Tyler Dondero (SuperNicer), Eric Mendelson, Bryn Austin Bellomy (ILLUMNTR), Mike Iannotto, and[...] Read more >>

Johnnyrandom Constructs Bicycle Beats In “Bespoken”

Have you ever stood outside on a rainy night? You hear the delicate splashes of raindrops on your deck and the dull roar of cars driving by on the road. In those moments, it may feel like your surroundings are creating their own natural symphony. Meet Johnnyrandom, a man inspired by the natural symphonies of bicycles. An avid bike rider during his childhood, Johnnyrandom[...] Read more >>

Bonnaroo 2015 On a Mission to Save the Planet – Set to a Rocking Soundtrack

From the land of music city comes one of the summer’s most popular festivals: Bonnaroo 2015. Since its inception in 2002, Bonnaroo has attracted fans of all music genres and this year will be no different. From Billy Joel to Kendrick Lamar, the headliners are sure to impress and keep the good times alive. While Bonnaroo is a festival not exclusive to any particular genre,[...] Read more >>

[INTERVIEW] Sander Kleinenberg Talks About ‘House 2.0’ And The Electronic Experience

The only way to become truly great at something is with practice. Not just weeks of it, or even a few grueling months of it. Hell, usually a year or two isn’t enough time to master an ability. Over the course of 20 years, however, one can reach that level of greatness. Sander Kleinenberg, dutch DJ and producer extraordinaire, has been at it since the late 80’s when[...] Read more >>

Matoma Showcases Tropical House on Midnight Sun Tour 2015

With the birth of every new genre, a few artists emerge as early leaders. They lead the way by pumping out track after track and allow a fledgling genre to gain visibility and notoriety. These artists go on aggressive tours and spend long nights producing tracks until they’ve made it. Tropical House is the newest genre developing momentum in the industry; Matoma is one of[...] Read more >>

Downlink and Dieselboy Bring Blood, Sweat, and Bass to the Northeast in Winter 2015

Last year, bass music enthusiasts were treated to a special run of shows featuring back to back sets from two of the genre’s biggest artists: Downlink and Dieselboy. Both producers are well established in the worlds of dubstep and drum and bass, and both have built reputations for delivering electric live performances. Their initial tour together was well[...] Read more >>

Shambhala Music Festival Announces Headliner Lineup for 2015

Shambhala Music Festival, located deep in the heart of British Columbia, has been attracting music fans across North America since it's inception in 1998. Originally a showcase of local art and music, the festival has grown over the past 17 years into a must-attend destination for bass music fans across the globe (all without any corporate sponsorship). Thanks to Shambhala's[...] Read more >>

Sasquatch Takes A Different Approach To Electronic Music With 2015 Lineup

Every Memorial Day weekend, thousands of music fans head out to the beautiful banks of the Columbia River, in Quincy, Washington for Sasquatch Music Festival. Since it’s inception in 2002, the festival has hosted hundreds of rock, hip-hop, comedy, and electronic music artists. Supporting a wide array of musicians, the festival boasts five individual stages with the main[...] Read more >>

Hip-Hop and Electronic Music Enthusiasts Unite at Outlook Festival 2015

It’s that time of year again. Electronic music fans are hibernating indoors waiting for the snow to melt while scouring the internet for the hottest festivals to attend this summer. Many larger festivals boast well-known progressive-house headlining DJs and producers, with locations all around the United States and the world. Since 2008, however, the organizers of Outlook[...] Read more >>

EDMC RADIO: Of The Trees // Gravitas Recordings

Of the Trees is Tyler Coombs; electronic music producer hailing from Portland, ME. Melding strong influences from hip hop, ambient, and dance music to create emotive soundscapes laden with everything from jazzy piano arrangements to polyrhythmic rhythm changes not commonly heard in club-friendly music. To date, he has released two well-received EPs with Austin, TX based[...] Read more >>

EOTO To Take Fans To Outer Orbit On Winter 2015 Tour

EOTO is set to embark on their 2015 Outer Orbit tour in March, which will span 11 states this winter and feature Prism Laser Production as visual art.The experimental band is known for their totally improvised performances and has long-held the reputation of true musical artistry, playing a large variety of festivals and bringing a different array of sound to every show.[...] Read more >>

Hop on the Bus to Bonnaroo Festival 2015!

Bonnaroo fans rejoice! MASS EDMC is organizing a bus to Manchester, Tennessee for an epic weekend. The bus will depart from Boston, MA and stop in Cromwell, CT - if you're from elsewhere and want the bus to stop near you, comment on this post at the bottom of the article and let us know. We are departing a full day early this year, allowing us to arrive the night before[...] Read more >>

Mysteryland Announces Varied 2015 Lineup

Memorial Day weekend could be called the unofficial start to festival season in the Northeast, thanks in large part to Mysteryland.Last year marked the first year of the fest, appropriately located in Woodstock's former home - Bethel Woods, NY. Run by ID&T, the same group behind TomorrowWorld, the European import debuted to attendees last year with great success. This[...] Read more >>