Odesza Brings In Return Tour Back To Northeast Winter 2015

In the midst of announcing a slew of festival bookings, including Electric Forest, What The Festival, Firefly, Governor’s Ball, and Lightning in a Bottle, Odesza is continuing their winter In Return Tour at key East Coast venues. The indie duo is taking the stage alongside experimental artist Little People for an altogether laid back and exploratory tour. Odesza’s music[...] Read more >>

Hermitude Blasts Through The Roof On Spring 2015 Tour

Hermitude have been making top-level hip-hop beats for well over a decade in Australia, working with local rappers at first before gaining popularity. Since then, they’ve harnessed their Aussie powers to develop the very best in chill trap and downtempo hip-hop, and now the trap duo have released the dates for their upcoming Through The Roof tour this March. The tour will[...] Read more >>

Cashmere Cat Announces 2015 Tour Dates

Fresh off the debut of “Wolves,” his newest-produced track with Sinjin Hawke for Kanye West (featuring Vic Mensa and Sia), Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat is kicking off 2015 with a full-scale tour that combines small-room gigs with festivals such as Ultra Music Festival and Coachella. Only three years after his first EP Mirror Maru, Cashmere Cat has swept into the United[...] Read more >>

Viceroy Pre-Game Tour Swings Through The Northeast Winter 2015

Four years ago, Austen Afridi took on the moniker Viceroy and began crafting summertime jams that kept the sun shining all year round. Although he grew up in San Francisco, he moved over to the east coast to attend Trinity College in Connecticut. Post-graduation in 2011, music ended up being the major focus in his life. He’s toured in Europe and Australia and produced[...] Read more >>

Live Band And Steampunk Fungi: Infected Mushroom’s Animatronica Tour 2015 Beckons

When Israelis Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani began playing music together in the late ‘90s, a mighty auditory force sprouted from the Holy Land. And for nearly two decades the spores of Infected Mushroom’s frantic brand of heavy metal psytrance have scattered across the globe, contaminating legions of devoted fans. Along the way, Eisen and Duvdevani underwent a[...] Read more >>

Beardyman’s Voice Defies The Limits Of The Human Body

Vocally speaking, Beardyman is a freak of nature. The English beatboxing champion, 32, conjures up sounds with his voice that seem to defy the logic of the physical realm. And although he may control a pair of the world’s most talented vocal cords, Beardyman isn’t quite satisfied. In a TED Talk titled “The polyphonic me,” Beardyman demonstrates the real-time music[...] Read more >>

Dirtyphonics Announce 2015 ‘Write Your Future’ Tour

French dubstep trio Dirtyphonics spent 2014 building momentum. Despite losing a founding member early in the year, the group continued to tour heavily alongside Excision on his Executioner tour. They spent the rest of the year in the studio working on their new EP. Titled Write Your Future, it’s set to drop February 17 on Dim Mak Records. The first single, “Power[...] Read more >>

Fractaltribe’s Flibbersqorkle To Turn .:Therapy Into Psychedelic Playground

If you have been attending electronic music events in the Northeast throughout the years, it is inevitable that you have heard chatter of Fractaltribe. The collective of motivated organizers are known for hosting high quality thought out events in the region, setting the standard for fully immersive, multi-sensory environments with every aspect carefully engineered for[...] Read more >>

Above & Beyond Takes All You Need Tour To Northeast February 2015

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of trap, deep house, big room house, techno, or dubstep; when Above & Beyond goes on tour, no one is too cool for trance. Over the last 15 years, Above & Beyond have created music that has birthed a devout group of fans with unrivaled loyalty and, after four long years, Jono, Paavo, and Tony have finally created a new full length[...] Read more >>

Lightning In A Bottle Festival 2015 Sets Itself Apart Through Spirit

A weekend getaway, a music festival, a celebration of art, and a community center — Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) has it all. This year’s celebration is held at Lake San Antonio Recreation Area, a lakeside campground in Bradley, CA on Memorial Day Weekend, May 21st to 25th. With a lineup released early in the season, it’s impressive to see many strong names attending,[...] Read more >>

Simon Posford And Shpongletron 3.1 To Land At Seven Northeast Venues

“Are You Shpongled?”  That was the question posed to the universe in 1998 by Simon Posford and Raja Ram on Shpongle’s debut album, Are You Shpongled? The pioneering release, which spanned 78 minutes of meandering psybient alchemy, connected a web of previously disparate musical dots. Combining psytrance, world music and ambient soundscapes, the album flows[...] Read more >>

Electric Forest Releases 2015 Lineup

After a slew of fake posters and whispers of possibilities, Electric Forest has finally released their 2015 lineup. This year marks the fifth year of the festival, so it is not surprising to see that Insomniac and Madison House pulled out all the stops to ensure that the lineup would impress. While jam band fans might not have as much to celebrate, electronic music fans will[...] Read more >>

GTA and TJR Team Up for 2015 Winter Tour

2014 was a year of major growth for Miami duo GTA. Their “Death to Genres Tour” featured a string of sold out shows that saw the duo experiment outside of their trap comfort zone by incorporating genres like hard house and moombahton into their sets. The tour also solidified their reputation for showmanship and ability to bring plenty of energy to their live shows.[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] Bioluminescent Forest Uses Projection Mapping to Highlight Nature

As you walk through the forest — whether on your own hiking ventures, as a brief getaway, or during a festival — you’re essentially entering another world. As the light scatters through the leaves, casting shadows in hypnotic patterns, with no sound but birdcalls filling your ears, it’s not unrealistic to get lost in your surroundings. Far away from traffic jams,[...] Read more >>

Dreamscape Festival Is Born at Camp Ramblewood

The Dreamscape Festival in Darlington, Maryland will be hosting its inaugural, full-scale camping festival this May. Previously, Dreamscape has lived within various different venues in the DC area, but 2015 will be the first year the festival will have it’s own grounds and offer camping for its attendees. Hosted by Badass Raves, the festival will last from May 8th to May[...] Read more >>