Techno Is Back: Brooklyn Earns Second Edition of Time Warp USA

The legendary Time Warp Festival is coming back to Brooklyn for a second edition this November. The festival, which originated in Mannheim, Germany in 1994, broke U.S. ground for the first time last year with an unbelievable production in Brooklyn and a lineup that would make any devout techno fan salivate. This year’s edition proves to match (if not out-do) last year’s[...] Read more >>

Creatures of the Night Festival Debuts This Weekend

Making its debut this weekend is Creatures of the Night, a new three-day festival in Adams, Tennessee. In addition to a stacked lineup of bands and producers, Creatures of the Night also features the art installations, classes, and performance artists that have become the standard for festivals. In their own words, “Creatures of the Night Music and Arts Festival was born[...] Read more >>

Lane 8 Tour Shows Deep House Is Still A Force

After gaining popularity last year with the explosion of house artists like Tchami and Oliver Heldens, the deep house genre has taken off. Lane 8, one of the talented young artists on the Anjunadeep label, has been a large part of this uprising by going on multiple tours, releasing fantastic remixes, and now, dropping a new album with an accompanying North American headline[...] Read more >>

Michal Menert Takes Pretty Fantastics on Fall Tour

This October, Michal Menert takes his new project, Michal Menert & the Pretty Fantastics, on the road. Previewing his new ventures into a indie electro-pop world, Michal Menert is taking a break from his typical sound to spend some time exploring. His newest single, “Shanghai,” proves this: reminiscent of early-2000s indie rock, it gathers soft, monotonous vocals[...] Read more >>

Sugary Sweet Melodies Guarenteed On Slow Magic & Giraffage’s So Cute! Tour

The soothing dream-pop electronica movement is taking audiences by storm - or rather, washing over crowds in gentle waves. About three years ago, Giraffage and Slow Magic began to develop their sound in this niche area of electronic music.   //   A few years back, Giraffage’s social media pages were filled with pictures of cats, comical Mac Photobooth[...] Read more >>

Electric Zoo’s Efforts To Transform For 2015 Paid Off

Electric Zoo is like the Spiderman movies of music festivals. Just as New York’s favorite web-slinger has grown from the pages of our childhood comic books to the forefront of today’s pop culture, Electric Zoo has transformed from a small East Coast gathering to one of the world’s most recognized music festivals. Every Labor Day Weekend since 2009, EZoo has transformed[...] Read more >>

GRiZ’s Fall Tour Guaranteed To Be Super Shagadelic

GRiZ is coming back to the Northeast again for his Super Shagadelic Tour. His spring Say It Loud tour stopped in various cities on the East Coast, and Grant Kwiecinski continues to make rounds across and continent for an extensive festival schedule. Kwieinski has an accessible sound for music lovers from many backgrounds. A funk beat is pretty undeniable for anyone who[...] Read more >>

When Darkness Falls, Adventure Club Goes On Tour

Ladies and gentlemen, sound the alarm and assemble the party crew - Adventure Club is going on tour again. Christian and Leighton, the lovable boys behind Adventure Club, are making their mandatory stops in the Northeast on their newest tour, When Darkness Falls, which will dim the lights on 16 US cities.   The Northeast is a staple region for any Adventure[...] Read more >>

Get To Know UK Quartet Rudimental Before They Storm The Northeast This Fall

How often does a new piece of music totally captivate you? It probably doesn’t happen every day; the hunt for beautiful music can be a fruitless affair. But, when you finally stumble upon something powerful, cue the dopamine. And when you encounter an artist that consistently evolves and pushes beyond the boundaries of a genre, the deep dive commences. Not every artist’s[...] Read more >>

Beats Antique Brings Eclectic Madness With Creature Carnival Tour

The Creature Carnival is a unique experience masqueraded by Beats Antique. Combining performance art, diverse music and a bit of weirdness, the show promises outlier fun for anyone seeking to shatter their personal definition of a concert. Beats Antique is the creative faction of all-around musician David Satori, percussionist Tommy “Sidecar” Cappel and belly dancer Zoe[...] Read more >>

Tensnake Slithers Across The US This Fall

Without a doubt, house music is coming back to the spotlight. There has been a growing fascination with “future” house and G-house, thanks to artists like Disclosure, Tchami, and and labels like Dirtybird Records and All Gone Pete Tong are developing strong followings, spawning an abnormally high demand for groovy house beats. Those who once spent their time at the main[...] Read more >>

Emancipator Ensemble Head Out On Seven Seas Tour in Fall 2015

Trip-hop fans take note: Emancipator is hitting the road again. A four-piece live band interpretation of Oregon producer Doug Appling’s lush, string-centric beats, the Ensemble has been incredibly well-received by the Emancipator fanbase since their introduction in 2013. Their jammy take on the music makes for an excellent alternative to the traditional DJ sets (which[...] Read more >>

Wicked Halloween Brings Diplo, Big Gigantic & More To Lowell: Info & Transportation

After Labor Day weekend - better known as the end of festival season - the East Coast almost entirely dries up when it comes to large-scale celebrations. Sure, there are events here and there that warrant festival-level planning, but they are few and far between. That is, except for one sacred weekend - Halloween weekend, the last weekend where spending weeks planning your[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] Chaim Machlev’s Stunning Tattoo Art Comes to Life in “Dots to Lines”

Tattooing has captivated communities the world over for thousands of years. The first documented tattoo was found on a Chinchorro mummy from 6000 BC. To some cultures like the Egyptians and Japanese, tattooing held great religious significance and represented a connection to spiritual ideals. Other cultures used tattooing as a way of signifying social caste, militia, and even[...] Read more >>

Hudson Mohawke Announces Genre-Smashing Live North American Fall Tour

Glasgow-born Ross Birchard, better known as Hudson Mohawke, has been known for his “genre smashing” – a process of combining different genres into one track, making them to work off one another to create something new and unique. What makes HudMo even more unique, however, is his strong relationship to the hip-hop scene. Though an electronic producer/DJ, he also works[...] Read more >>